Help with the Stamp codes..

  1. Ok I'm and idiot...Can someone please inform me what the Stamp Codes mean in the Tods bag ? I've googled and searched this forum with no luck :blush:
    I'ts driving me crazy :smash:
    Thanks in advance.
  2. If someone knows, they will certainly PM you. We don't like to make that info public, since it really helps the counterfeiters make better fakes.
  3. Guess no one knows :hrmm: Regarding getting the answer PM'd to me.. The LV forum doesn't seem to have a problem listing Date Code answers. So I didn't think it would be a big deal. But, thanks for letting me know :smile:
  4. I have pm'd you
  5. Thank you for your reply and taking the time to research this for me. I was going crazy trying to find answers. So appreciated :smile:
  6. Could you please pm me too? Curious what it means.

  7. Please PM me also. I've started buying Tod's bags online and I'd line to make sure they're authentic.