Help with the Soho Optic Line?

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a new member but this site looks really awesome for a purse addict like myself =)

    I was just wondering if anyone here would know how to clean a stain out of a bag from the Coach Soho Optic - I believe that's what it's called - line? I purchased this bag in June, it was my first real designer bag and I love it, but it has a black stain near the bottom because it has no feet! Ick. I'd appreciate it if anyone had any input! My mom wants to try steam cleaning it, but that sounds like it could go wrong.
  2. Tell her not to apply steam. I can't remember what fabric that bag is made of but I do know its delicate. Call the Coach store to find out what the fabric is and then take it to a good drycleaner. Please let me know how you make out. Just trying to remember what its made of will make me crazy all day. I know its not cotton and that you shouldn't use babywipes or anything like that on it. My daughter has one from last Christmas.
  3. i can't it fabric like the hamptons tote/scarf print?? i use baby wipes to wipe off my bag, but I don't know how deep your stain is. they work just fine for me, and i think a couple other girls here use baby wipes as well. my coach store recommended wipes for those lines.
  4. She should call Coach. Wipes along with soap and water only work on the cotton line. The line thats out now along with some sold in the winter/spring you can't do that you will ruin the bag.
  5. I looked on and it just said:
    The Coach Chelsea Optic C Collection is crafted in cotton Optic C jacquard fabric that has been specially treated to be water and stain repellant. It should not be treated with Coach Leather Care or Moisturizer products.

    I have a tote in this pattern, and looked at the care card, but it only talked about the leather, not the fabric. :sad:

    You said the black stain was at the bottom ... do you have any idea what it is?
  6. My purse is made out of the same fabric as the Chelsea Optic line, and when I asked some of the employees at the Coach in Santa Barbara when I was vacationing, they didn't know how to clean it. I'll probably go down to the Coach I originally purchased it from. And sorry, I have no idea what the stain is, because I used to carry it a lot - my guess would be some sort of dirt from setting it down on a counter or something.
  7. try using white soap and water, that's what coach told me to do. i've also used shout on tough stains with no problems. i have a pink optic bag and its so hard to keep clean!