Help with the Softy Aline satchel, please?

  1. I've never bought a MbMJ purse before, and I'm wondering how they hold up in comparison to a MJ purse. I know they're a lot cheaper, but is it really reflected in the material the bag is made of? I'm new, and I don't know a lot about purses yet so I'd love some advice.

    I want to buy the Softy Aline from, but it takes me ages to make decisions. Does anyone know where I can find one other than eLuxury? I'm afraid they'll sell out or there will suddenly be a huge sale right after I buy it.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I think MbyMJ bags would hold up as well as an MJ even though it may be made of different material. Anyway, the Softy Aline is also sold in Nordstroms, Bloomies, Zappos and Net-A-Porter as well. I doubt they will go on sale now as it is still fairly new. HTH! ;)
  3. i got the LOVELY A LINE satchel on sale back in it on a quick sale from bloomies under 40% off then it went back up again
    keep an eye out on FOR THE SOFTY ONE...and other places and tell us what color you like we will all be looking out for you...
    you will not be disappointed in the a line satchel either one!

    here is PRICE for 391 check it out
  4. Thank you guys so much. I love it in the canvas white. I really need a new white purse for spring.
  5. Good luck! I'll try to keep my eyes open if I come across one. Are you open to buying on Ebay? :wondering
  6. I'm SUPER scared of buying on eBay now because of all these stories about how fakes can look REALLY good. Especially now that people can read everywhere about how to spot a fake so they can just make their fakes better. I guess if I were completely positive it wasn't a fake, I'd buy it.

    Since you said it's new this season, I'll probably end up buying it from eLux by the end of the week after I've thought about it unnecessarily for a good 35 minutes a day.
  7. I haven't seen a cream one on sale but I could be wrong. But either ways, will be on the lookout for you should I come across one. ;)