Help with the payment

  1. Hello:
    A seller e-mailed me saying that she only accepts payment via bank wire transfer or postal money order via priority mail. I've never used that methods. Can anybody explain me how they work, please? Tell me all the steps I have to follow, if you don't mind.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Does her auction indicate this?
    If you spent a decent amount of $, I wouldn't be comfy w/ her terms.
  3. Paying this way can be a problem if you don't receive what you expect to receive.
  4. Hi. Her accepted payment methods should be in the auction. When you bid, you agreed to her accepted methods.

    For a postal money order, you have to go to the PO with cash or a debit card. Get the money order for the total amount (cost plus seller's shipping). It is pretty cheap for a MO. Then, she is requesting the MO be sent Priority Mail. So send her the MO priority mail. Make sure you include the auction number on her part of the MO or include a printout of the first page of the auction or the invoice.
  5. The seller is Personal Shoppers.The feedback is 100% positive. I rely on the seller.
    I have just read this in the auction(I live in Spain):
    INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS -- Paypal is accepted for UK, Canada or US only, with a confirmed address; otherwise payment options would be BIDPAY.COM (credit cards accepted), bank wire transfer or postal money order.
    Which payment method is the best?
    Has anybody use Explain how it works, please. And also the bank wire transfer.
    Thanks in advance.
  6. You have to sign up on Bidpay's website, It's pretty straightforward.

    I would personally never complete a transaction by wire transfer. It's too risky for the buyer. Also, eBay doesn't recommend it either.
  7. Thank you!