Help with the neverending carly debate...

  1. Okay, so my mom gave me a bnwt medium khaki/saddle carly that was a gift to her from a client. I really like it, but the pics of the chocolate carly are tdf. Should I keep the one I have or exchange it for the chocolate carly? Please give me your opinions and reasons. I'm, totally conflicted because I love both. Please don't say keep the saddle and buy the chocolate because I am on a ban and can't do that (though I'd love to!).

  2. I have the gold and khacki Carly and I just love anything gold and khacki. I wanted to order the medium chocolate Carly and I was allowed to on the PCE. I expect it today..and there is a wallet to match that is legacy that I did not know of until yesterday or order. I cannot justify buying the wallet to match since I already bought the denim tote and wallet 2 weeks ago or so. I am definitely on a purse ban for I am wondering if I should return the denim wallet to match and get that Carly french legacy wallet..I do know the slots are tight in the legacy wallet and it is a turnlock..but brown goes more than denim..Seems that we all have trouble making decisions , for there is always something new and more beautiful. I wonder if it is just the new, or that we all feed each other's obsessiions in our desires and those lovely pictures of the newest purses that come out so often. just to have that newest desirible item? It is a personal choice...See it and then decide..the stores will have it in in a few days...I think around the 22nd. If you have a store near you..they can show you the Chocolate Carly from the back and the wallet...Good Luck!!!
  3. If your heart is set on the chocolate, exchange yours for the one you will love.
  4. I would say it depends on what colours you mostly wear. If you wear a lot of brown then change the bag but if not, stick with the one you have. Personally - I'd love either!!
  5. I think it is personal preference.. even if you didn't personally pay for the bag, you want to love it and it is spendy..but I agree with above post that I think we got caught up in the "newest, latest, greatest" for me, there is ALWAYS something shinier around the corner... I love the khaki and saddle myself, but I also have the duffle in the chocolate already. Sorry, I know that didn't help at all!! lol
  6. Every Carly is gorgeous, so you can't really go wrong with either choice. That being said, I prefer the khaki/saddle, but like the other ladies said, it depends on your own personal preference, and maybe what colors you wear more. Regardless, you're a lucky girl with a fabulous bag! Good luck deciding.
  7. keep it! it was free!
  8. I would exchange it for the chocolate/chocolate Carly which I love. That is a beautiful bag. Blackbutterfly has it and I think that it goes with everything. I don't generally go for signature but this one caught my eye as it is so subtle.
  9. I agree completely with Liz. I'm not a huge sig lover, but the chocolate/chocolate is so subtle and the color is beautiful. Go to a boutique and compare them - if you love the chocolate more, exchange it!
  10. try them both on and your smile will tell you which one is better. i'd luv em both.. maybe not so helpful, sorry
  11. I personally think the khaki saddle will go with more things. It depends if you want to scream coach or have something that is more subtle but I think the khaki can be worn with anything.
  12. i agree.
  13. i agree :yes:. when i tried on the chocolate compared to the khaki/black, i knew the chocolate was for me. try them both on and you'll know. just think about your style, your clothing/color preferences, and trust me, you'll know.
  14. I am not a huge fan of the signature (I prefer the leather). But I do like the black on black and the brown on brown signature. I would go for the chocolate. You didn't say too much about one you received? Do you even love that combo? Because it sounds like you are liking the chocolate more . . .
  15. I'd go for the chocolate...I love the color!