Help with the name of my new Chanel wallet please!

  1. Hi all, I'm a Chanel newbie and this is the only Chanel piece I have. I got it as a gift yesterday :smile: but I don't know the name of the wallet. All it says on the tag is "billfold with coinpurse". I also know that it's from the F/W 07 collection and comes in both gold and silver. Anyone can tell me more about it? Thanks!!:wlae:
    DSCN0359.JPG DSCN0358.JPG
  2. Ohhh! That's a beauty!

    Do the wallets have names? I don't know.
  3. Your wallet is pretty and love the colour too.
  4. Love the style -- I have never seen it before!
  5. I saw this today when I was buying the camellia wallet..but I don't know what it's called either! The leather is very durable :smile:
  6. Maybe it doesn't have a name then? lol I don't know...the leather is indeed very durable and I loooove it!!
  7. No idea of the style, but it's gorgeous!
  8. So sorry, but I don't know either despite (for reasons best not explained here) having three Chanel wallets on the go at the moment, but it is divine . . .and could even persuade me to have 4!
  9. Pretty! I don't know what ligne it's from but I'd love to have one too!
  10. Congratulations on your first Chanel!
  11. It's the Goatskin Wallet with Contrasting Piping
    Yes u're right, it's from the fall/winter 08 ready to wear collection.
    Lucky you! :tup:
  12. Simple and elegant! Love it! Congrats!
  13. Congrats, i got the wallet bag in the contrasting piping as well.
  14. Congrats! :smile: Examined it a few days ago - It's divine and the leather looks really durable. Hmmm ... think I should call the SA and ask her to hold one for me.

    Been considering a getting a Chanel wallet but can't seem to make up my mind on the style/ color.

    Shopgirl23- What's the Camellia leather like pls?

    Miss Sooky - As you have 3 wallets, any tips you could give me pls?

  15. Thank you girls! Now I know this is made of goatskin. I love love the texture and color, and the coin compartment in the back of the wallet:heart: