Help With The Harajuku Lovers Fragrance

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  1. Hi

    As far as i know the bottle comes in 2 sizes but are the doll/statue things the same size on both the small and the large? or are they different?

    I think there really cute but as i want 4 of them im not sure whether to go for the smaller one or the larger one.
  2. ^^Hi- bring this question on over to the L.A.M.B. forum!! I don't have the fragrances yet but other "lambies" there do and I know one of them could answer your questions. :sunshine:
  3. I bought 2 of these for my daughter for Christmas. The doll size is different on both sizes. The overall size of the entire thing is smaller in the small size, including the doll statue and the perfume.
  4. The larger perfume has a larger doll
    smaller perfume, smaller doll
    as said above ^
  5. Oh thankyou for your replies :o)
    Which one would you say looks better? Im guessing the larger one looks better though.
  6. Yes I agree that the dolls are a lot different in size. You can get the whole set of the smaller size together in the disco ball ($125). If you want all of them I would do that. They have them right now at macy's. I think both sizes are very cute!

    Let us know what you choose! I have the whole set. I got them during their release and they came in the l.a.m.b rasta box.

    The prices are $25 & $45. HTH! :heart:
  7. Hi

    I actually only want 4 of them. Also i am in the UK so i have to purchase from somewhere like boots, i dont think they sell them in a set here anyway.
    I dont know which size to go for. i might buy two in small and 2 in the larger ones.

    Thanks again for your help :o)
  8. I would suggest to get the larger sizes because it holds 1 oz of perfume compared to the .33 oz of the smaller bottles. Thats barely anything!!!
  9. i just bought a set with all of them smaller than the orginial for 125 at MACYs and they have the larger set for 180 that comes with LAMB. the small set also came with a watch and tote and smaller samples.
  10. ^Right now macy's is giving a free tote with the purchase of 2 $45 dollar bottles. That would be the 1oz bottles. The tote is super cute! It's black with all the HL girls on it.

    The watch was also a GWP a while back, well for me anyway. So I think it depends on where you live if they are still, or just, doing it now.
  11. I have the smaller size in Love. Its an ok fragrance but I feel that it is gone in about 3 hours. Not a long lasting scent.