Help with the dilemna: muscade or choco baby paddy

  1. Hi,

    I am very happy to participate to this forum, I have had a lot of help since I became a member yesterday:yes:

    I d' like to ask to the paddy's lovers which one do you prefer the muscade baby paddy or the chocolate one? It is so hard to choose! They are so beautiful both but I could only adopt one of these beautiful babies!:P
    minipaddymuscade.jpg minipaddychoco.jpg
  2. chocolat! :heart::heart::heart:

    The muscade is pretty, but the choco is so rich and deep...yummy.
  3. I love the chocolate baby paddy:flowers:
  4. chocolate.. .i'd get muscade in the medium size
  5. oooh yes, have not seen it in chocolate. Yummy. You should go for it, I do not believe another member has a mini chocolate so you would be very popular :biggrin:
  6. I guess it depends what colours you have in your wardrobe too.

    Do you wear alot of jeans, or light or dark clothes? If you wear dark clothes, i think the choco brown could look lost, however, if you wear a lot of light or neutral coloured clothes, then choco brown would be offset perfectly.

    Both are staple colours, but if it were me, i would personally go for the muscade.:yes:
  7. Hi, I HAD a muscade bag, and let it go, it is beautiful however. I went with a whiskey and mousse bag. My point however is that I have some great digital pics of muscade, so if you haven't seen it IRL I could send them to you so you can see the color up close.

    It is such a nice color, and perfect for everyday use. I just happened to be wanting my paddy to pack a little more punch, so went with a brighter color. But for an everyday bag, you just can't beat either chocolate or muscade!
  8. I vote chocolate but I think muscade is a great color too! :yes:
  9. chocolate...but muscade great too...:yes:
  10. I've always loved the choco and it's definately a richer looking color, but for some reason, I'm drawn to the muscade.
  11. Chocolate all the way. That color just jumps out at you. It is so rich and beautiful.
  12. I vote chocolate!! I have a choco medium paddy and it goes with EVERYTHING!!! It is gorgeous for Fall/Winter!!
  13. Oh...This is my favourite bag at moment!!!:love:
    I hope to have it very soon!!!
    I prefer chocolate baby Paddy.......:yahoo:
  14. Choco for sure!!!! No one does Chocolate like Chloe!!!!!!!!!
  15. Another vote for chocolate.

    I have the medium size and I love it. It's really my "go to" bag, works with all my clothes, is dark enough so I don't overly stress about it getting dirty, and the leather is sooo soft.