HELP with the DBTY

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  1. Ladies need your help again !! as not available in my area,
    i ordered the diamond by the yard style from my local jeweler !! am really scared how it will look !!
    i ordered white gold 0.08 ct cause i am expecting to do another one bigger to layer
    can u post pics of ur dbty 0.08 any mod pics ???
    would help me a lot !
  2. and i am on my way to order a second one in rose gold 0.18
    what do u think ??
  3. I would see how the first one comes out before you order the second one. You could definately layer those together.

    Below is my 14 point stone- [​IMG]
  4. Candice0985 has her .08 DBTY necklace on in your Tiffany Layering Thread. She paired it with her bow necklace.
  5. thanks a lot !!

    yes yes i saw it :smile::smile:

  6. yes i will wait to see how it comes out !! u r soooooo rightttttttt ;)
  7. Your necklace is beautiful....the stone looks like a really nice size! It definitely looks bigger to me than .14!
  8. Thank you!
  9. To share with u, this is my RG 0.07 carat

  10. I find Tiffany DBTY always face up so big!! I wanted a .23-.35 ct Tiffany one and ended up having my jeweler make it and had to get a much higher weight stone to get a similar look!
  11. So do u think 0.08 is too small ?? I want to layer it . Onee 0.08 an other 0.14 and later will add 0.25 3 tones wg and rg and yg

    Should i go bigger ??
  12. Beautiful !
  13. The .08 will be a good start size for a layer. I wouldn't do another til you see the first one.
  14. Agree with ame :smile:
  15. Yes yes this is what i ll do !
    Must have the necklace next week will post it as soin as i have it
    Thank uuuuu