help with the blondie bowler...

  1. hi there,

    does anyone knows where to get a 100% authentic blondie bowler 114914? either in black version or in white version with the classic green/red/green webbing? black is preferred!!:smile:

    i heard that it is not offered by gucci anymore but was hoping maybe some of you knows where to get it or anyone who want to sell them...I LOVE THE BAG!!!

    thanks to all who can help!!:flowers:

    i posted pics for your reference...

  2. Welcome... You are one of the many women on TPF that is waiting and looking every where to purchase this bag. Try ebay!
  3. I don't believe that's the correct serial number for that bag. Maybe one of the other ladies will confirm.
  4. sorry sweetie, but 100% authentic blondie bowlers start with "131" ;) made these bags in 2004 & 2005, so your only hope is thru e-bay right now...but you've gotta be really careful, because most blondie bowlers on e-bay are fakes :sad:...PM me & i'll send you a list of ways to help tell the real ones from the fake ones ("fuccis") of luck to you in your search!!!
  5. so what is the correct serial no. for this bag?? thanksss:yes:
  6. does anyone knows whether gucci blondies/bostons EVER came in this style no. 114914? thanks lotsss to those who can help!!!:yes:
  7. nope, the gucci blondie bowlers never came in that style number :Push: