Help With The "abbreviations"

  1. OK... I am being a little crazy when I read your post and I see things like "SO", "PCE" and all the others that I don't remember... Can you tell me please what that mean??? :shame:
  2. I'll try!!! LOL
    "SO" I believe means "significant other"
    PCE is the "preferred customer event" that Coach runs usually every 3 months and sends out 25% off coupons to the preferred customers! There is a sticky talking about this more! Hope I helped!!!!!
  3. What about "DH". To me, it's either 'Dear Husband' or 'Dumb Husband'. I hope it's not the latter :push:!! But it probably means something totaly different.
  4. As far as I know, it means "dear husband" but I kinda like YOUR version better (dumb husband)!!!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  5. Thank you! I have a hard time sometimes reading the post because is some words that I don't know. I always was wondering what this ones mean...
    Thanks a lot! :flowers:
  6. let me try to help with some more... DS for Dear or Darling Son, DD for Dear or Darling Daughter, BF for Best Friend (or Boyfriend), TDF for To Die For, TIA for Totally In Agreement...
  7. or TIA= Thanks in advance? :s

  8. TDF!!!!!!!!!! That was another that was making me crazy. Never imagine that means that!!! I Feel so silly! :flowers:
  9. KWIM= know what i mean

    IMO= In my opinion
  10. BTW means by the way, I'm sure you know what WTF means!!!! LOL means laugh out loud, IMO means in my opinion, IMHO means in my humble opinion......
  11. ok, so this isn't an abbreviation, but what/where is "jax"? tia.
  12. Coach's distribution center in Jacksonville, FL.
  13. That's how I use that one. I like the "dumb husband" one too...hehe. :roflmfao:

    Here's another:

    HTH = hope this helps
  14. hahaha!
  15. ohh I got some more

    IRL (In real life)
    ITA (I totally Agree)
    LMAO (Laughing my a** off)
    BRB Be right back