Help With Styles

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  1. Now that I have officially become a BBag addict (two down and itching for another). looking for some opinions on other styles besides City & First & Work which I have or have seen.

    Love to get opinions on:

    Day: is it really just a casual bag for running around on weekends - does it stay on your shoulder - is it easy to get in & out of - is it heavy?

    Step: is this larger or smaller than City? It does not have a strap, yes?

    Part Time:
    I understand this is wider than City but is that only difference? If you had a black City would you buy a black Part-time?

    Also, does anyone have a tomato red, pine green or mogano bag? Wondering what you think of the colors. I am coming across 2007 bags which seem more my style (I am not so much into the really bright blues & yellows although I am intriqued by the Turquoise.).

    I know I can look at the swatches in the Reference library but I like to hear from Bbag owners.

    Thanks much.

  2. I'm probably way low on the qualification scale as I'm somewhat of a newbie to Bal myself, but I can offer my opinion to some of these q's.

    First, what really helped me, was to spend lots of time in the reference section looking at the styles. As well, check out the Pictures Only thread as ladies post there with their bags and it helps to see how people dress with their bags to see if a bag would be right for you.

    DAY: It is uber casual. I love it. I have it in brown, so it's truly my run around bag. Not heavy to me. I think easy to get into, although because of the shape, not as easy as the city or pt.

    Step: No clue, but there's a thread called "let's talk about the Step" in another section.

    PT: I love it, probably more than the city. Size -wise they feel very similar to me, but the strap is longer and it opens up wider, so getting stuff in and out is simpler, imo.

    Hope this helps. :smile:
  3. Would you buy a PT black if you already had a black City?
  4. As of now, having to save for each bag, no, as they're too similar. However, if I had an ever-flowing bbag fund and money was no object, yes, I'd get a pt in the same color but different hardware than my city.

    Either way money wise, I wouldn't have a city and pt in black with the same hardware as I think they'd be too much alike. BUt, there are probably gals here who do own both.
  5. Is pewter hardware same as "RH" hardware?
  6. RH = regular hardware which is the smaller original hardware as opposed to the new giant hw.

    pewter hardware = is RH that is pewter in color, it was only produced from 2002 to 2004.
  7. Regular hardware means the smaller, original hardware. Most are brass. Yes, some of the older bags came with pewter hardware, but I don't think any of the recent years do. But, don't quote me on that...

    The gh stands for Giant hardware and it comes in gold and silver metals. Check reference threads or clubhouse section to check those different looks.
  8. OH! THanks Earthkeeper! I knew someone would chime in with more knowledge than me!
  9. Out of the styles you inquired about, the only one I own is the Day. I L:heart:VE my Day! IMO it is more of a casual bag though. However I do believe the more classic colors can be worn to the office depending on your outfit. I personally don't find it heavy at all, but then again I always really just keep the basics in my bag. The size is great, I really enjoy having the extra space to stuff a sweater or a scarf in there. I find it holds well on the shoulder and doesn't slip off (this is a serious pet peeve of mine w/shoulder bags). The opening is very wide so it's real easy to get things in and out of the bag. I think the key to the appreciating the Day style is not to over stuff it.

  10. A Plomb or one of the nice dark grays coming up would look yummy in a PT... :graucho:
  11. you're welcome! ;)
  12. Is black usually alway available in Bbags as long as the style is still being produced?

    If so, if I am looking to add to my First & City, am I better off buying a color - turquoise, tomato red, mogano or pine green - in one of these styles as they may not be produced again?

  13. Out of the styles you mentioned, I only have the day. It is the lightest bag I have ever owned, even with the Giant Hardware. I have one with GH, and one with RH.

    It is extremely comfortable, doesn't slide off the shoulder, definitely dressy enough for work, but it is a casual bag. Very easy to get in and out of, and it is a great size in all dimensions, (width, height & depth).

    Perfect bag for everything, except extraordinary dressy situations.

  14. Yes, black is available every season. I think adding a pop of color is a great idea, and if you can find a turquoise or tomato, those are both gorgy colors!! I prefer the Part Time to the city because of the longer handles, but that's the only other style you're interested that I can speak to. I think most of us have bought and sold until we've found the perfect styles/colors for us.
  15. I just got the day and was pleasantly surprised. I haven't carried her yet, waiting for my Apple products but just wearing her around the house I can tell I'm going to love her. I have trouble with bags slipping off my shoulder and this one doesn't.

    As far as color, I think you should buy what you love in the colors (other than black) before you buy another black. Since colors aren't repeated (but some are close) you may regret not getting a color you wanted if you think too long about it. The turquoise is awesome. I really didn't think I'd want it since I just got Electic Blue, but I love it so much I'm thinking about another bag in this color. *Sigh. I need a money tree.;)