help with style.......


Which work should I buy??

  1. marine rh

  2. black sgh

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  1. I have decided I like the work but I need a little bit of help. Should I get marine rh or black sgh???? tia
  2. If the extra weight doesn't bother you I would say definitely the Black SGH! I think that combo would look AMAZING!
  3. I voted for the black w/ SHG work. I saw one at Barney's and the combo is really pretty :yes:
  4. Do you guys think the sgh is to trendy?? because thats what the sa's at nm told me. They said it will look so 2007 next year. What do you think??
  5. black SGH is stunning!
  6. marine rh for me
  7. Black is a must have and a classic but have you considered Plomb with SGH? Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!
  8. black SGH gets my vote.
  9. no doubt about it Black GGH gets my vote - its sort of a dark dark midnight bluish black - there are still a few left at NM!!!
    IMG_0488.jpg IMG_0621.jpg IMG_0617.jpg IMG_0619.jpg
  10. Black with SGH gets my vote. As far as it being sooo 2007.......that's ridiculous because the GH is being continued during 2008. I agree with someone else's suggestion for steel/plomb. It's a great alternative to black, looks amazing with SGH and is more versatile.
  11. gO with what catches your eye, whether or not other people say its t:huh: trendy or not. Bbags don't shout logos everywhere, and only people that know bBags know that your carrying a Balenciaga. SO if the GH is saying your name... i say go for it!! :woohoo: