Help with style name

  1. Hi All

    I snuck over from the Chanel forum - LOL. I was walking past Hermes in SF yesterday and saw the most beautiful colored bag. It was magenta or fuschia something along those lines and a Hobo style.

    I can't stop thinking about it and thought perhaps someone on the forum has info such as style name, price, availability, etc.

    TIA - M
  2. Perhaps is Trim.

    Here is the link to pictures of Hermes style:

    Then for price:

    You have to call the H store or check eBay
  3. Welcome! I'm not sure but try looking for the evelyn and the massai ( I think the Massai is only in earth toned hues but?) I'm not a real expert on the non structured bags but it will get you started. Adding OMG do you possibly mean the lindy? I wonder? Check that out too! That is a really fantastic bag! New in the lineup!