Help with style # for Black Jumbo in Caviar with Gold H/W

  1. Anyone can help? I looked at the reference library but there was no style # posted.

    If anyone has the black jumbo in caviar (gold h/w) MADE IN PARIS, please post the # here! Thanks!
  2. I hope i can u actually have the hologram #? If u have, it may helps a little.....anyway, the new caviar jumbo classic has the gold hw and even vintage jumbo too (but the gold color is a bit LOUD as compared to the new gold hw).
  3. Hey Celia, Thanks but I don't have the hologram # Looking for the style # so I can get a friend to help me purchase it. The new caviar is the shiny or matte? Think it doesn't matter, as long as the bag is made in Paris, not Italy.
  4. Hi A, hope I could help but my caviar black Jumbo is in silver HW...:sad:
  5. Hi S, Is yours made in Paris? I think its okie! I can tell them the style no, and then ask for it in gold hw I suppose. Please post the style # or PM me! Thanks so much dear!
  6. I am not sure if mine is made in Parie, but let me go home tonight to check and let you have the details ya.
  7. ok thanks!
  8. Hi A, here's the details:

    A28600 Y01588
    Color: 94305

    I am not sure which part of the code says Silver hardware, maybe a good SA can help.
    oh yes, it says Made in France on the inside of the bag. I bought it in Aug 2007 in at the Chanel boutique at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong for HKD17900; I think I got the old shiny version.

    Hope you are able to get one in the gold hardware, keep us posted ya...
  9. ^Thank you S!
  10. When I was cking on a bag--I was reading the SA off the style# that I had and mentioned I wanted it in gold (this was for my GST). So as I was reading off the 2nd part of the style #, she said....all she needed was the beginning numbers, cuz the second part referred to gold or silver hw.

    So...1588 in the style # refers to silver hw. The beginning of the style#A28600 is the style bag (jumbo caviar flap).

    (btw, I have the jumbo caviar flap in black w/ silver hw also, but mine was Made in Italy A28600 Y01588 and it is the same style # as IceEarl's)

    So, I don't think there's a particular style # to tell whether a bag is Made in France or Italy. Seems as though it just depends which bag u get. Or have the SA look inside to ck.

  11. LVCRAZED, that's helpful! Thanks
  12. YW!!! GL!!!!!:yes:;)
  13. Thanks LVCRAZED ...the extra info is really useful..:tup:

  14. YW!! :welcome: Glad to help....;)