Help with Stone Mountain Bag

  1. I am looking at the Stone Mountain Cassidy Hobo on the Stone Mountain site. It is on sale for $104. I can't get a good idea what color "truffle" is. Is it more gray, or more brown? It looks like a very good, practical, everyday purse.
  2. Its looks more brown to me. :yes:
  3. Looks taupe-y brown, but definitely more brown than grey. It's cute!

  4. That's a good name for that color! It looks just like the inside of a yummy truffle!
  5. Aha! I was thinking the color was named after the truffle in the forest, but now I think it is named after the candy truffle. That explains why it is more brownish. Since the bag already came in another brownish, I was hoping this color might be more grayish. I think I will order it in black. I need a go everywhere bag. I hate to change purses! Most of my clothes are black rather than brown, so I try to stay with colors that go with black. I wish it came in a beautiful wine color.