Help with Sticky Zipper on a New Bag


Oct 17, 2008
New Jersey
I bought a Gustto Gina bag (below) about a month ago at Nordstrom Rack (so it's certainly not this season's bag) and have carried it a total of maybe 10 times. The double zipper goes all the way across the mouth of the bag. Yesterday, out of nowhere, the zipper started getting stuck, so stuck that it wouldn't budge for quite a while. Then it would open very easily and refuse to close. I love this bag and it was quite a bargain, but not enough of a bargain to walk around with it open all day. Would WD-40 do anything or would I just take a chance of ruining the leather? Any suggestions would be appreciated!



Jul 29, 2009
I've seen posts here about rubbing the zipper with a bit of wax paper or a pencil (graphite is oily) - if it's a metal zipper. I've stopped buying bags with nylon/plastic zippers because they break so quickly. My husband told me (when I used WD40 on a lock) that it gets gummy/sticky later and might do more harm than good. Or maybe a small amount of a good quality oil (like you get with electric razors), but put it on with a QTip so you don't touch the leather.
Dec 12, 2006
New Orleans
My first guess would be that something sticky may have been accidentally spilled on it to cause it to get sticky. I agree that WD-40 is not the right way to solve. Many times wax will free a pesky zipper - never thought of wax paper though. I usually take a white or clear candle and gently rub it along the zipper and work it it. Hope you get it resolved.