Help With Stellina

  1. Hi! I posted a trade on shoptokidoki for my Lamore BV for a Campeggio, as I need one for school. Only interesting offer I got was for a BEAUTIFUL Spiaggia Stellina.

    So tell me people. Is the Stellina big enough for a binder and a folder, or is it just too small? Note that the binder is only an inch and the folder is around the same size. It's just a perfect Stellina, and the only Campeggio I got I'm not interested in, and I REALLY NEED A BETTER BAG FOR SCHOOL. ;~;

  2. I would go check out the Great Bag Reference post and take a look at the bag sizes on a person. I don't think that the Stellina is big enough for a standard size binder, but maybe one of those you know, mini-binders. Definitely not a book bag though.
  3. a4 binders dont fit in a stellina. stellina isnt meant for school, more for like going out
  4. I love a Stellina for a purse... but yeah, definitely not a book bag.
  5. my daughter has a stellina and all that can fit in it is a 8 inch by 5 inch nintendo DS holder. A standard folder won't fit in a stellina. the campeggio is where you want to be.

    but def check out the great bag reference post by bubblesung. the stellina is more like a day trip bag.

  6. yep, stellinas definitely don't hold binders. they are more purse-sized than schoolbag-sized, i must say.