Help with stain removing! please!

  1. Hi, i havent posted in a long time so please forgive me when i ask for your help.

    I have just visited London this past weekend and borrowed my mothers Gucci over the shoulder bag the one from this summers cruise line with the cream leather trim and GG symbol on the corner.
    However my jeans hadnt washed properly before wearing them with the bag and i have jean transfer on the bag now!
    i was wondering if anybody knew any way this will come off ! i went into Gucci on bond street and they told me to ring up gucci aftersales and get it sorted through the cleaning dept. but just in the mean time has anybody experienced this and know an easier way to get it out? i dont want to try anything that will make it worse thats why im asking your advice!

    Thanks in advance,
  2. I have a similar issue. I worn brand new jeans with old Gucci wallet. It was brown but now it is blue.
  3. I think there was an earlier thread about this in the past month. You have done the right thing but not tryng to remove it yourself and going to gucci - hold up - let me see if I can find that thread.........
  4. Sorry could not find a specific thread on blue jeans (but I know it is there somewhere!!)... I went right back to September!!
    How to clean?
    Repairs, cleaning etc.
    .... for your reference. But I would WAIT for one of the other regualrs to post here. My personal advice is to wait.....but all the best!!
  5. Thanks alot this helped!

    i think i may go to a dry cleaners and ask their advice, as i could probably buy a new one for the price it would cost for gucci to clean it!
  6. Hello, everyone. This is my first post! I felt compelled to say something about the dye transfer. That recently happen to me. I was carrying a relatively new white pebbled leather signoria handbag that has that guccisima trim with a new black dress. The dye from the dress smugged onto this beautiful bag. I called a customer service rep and they asked me send the bag into Gucci Repairs. They wanted to evaluate it and reply with an estimate. The Representative also told me that this happens a lot with dark denims and sometimes they can't get it out. It takes about 6 weeks to get your bag back. In addition, my bag cleaning cost is about $150 . . . but my bag is badly stained!

    My suggestion is to send it to Gucci to let them try to clean it out. If you take to a local dry cleaner, Gucci repairs will not touch it afterwards. If my staining doesn't come out, I'm going to take it to a dry cleaner to get the leather color restored.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  7. this is probably a bad idea but nail polish remover might work?

    you know when you wear new jeans and then it stains your white shoes on the bottom i remember using nail polish remover helps. but i donnos about trying it on an expensive bag.
  8. ^^^eeekkkkkkk !!!! uummm not too sure about that one... I think LAGirl is right in saying once you take it else where gucci may not help you. So straight to Gucci girl...!!

    Is the bag monogram canvas?
  10. yer the bag is mono convas! and there is quite a big part stained! more worse than others!
    ill try take some pics tomorrow in the light! my mum will kill me, its her bag i leant for the weekend because my abbey doesnt have a closure and i didnt want to take my speedy because its hand held!

    i may go see what a dry cleaner advises tomorrow.. or try rub the stain on a white tshirt and see what i can get rid of it on... dont know!
  11. AHHHH you are scaring me!!! You can not just take it to Gucci?? Yes if I was your mom I would probably kill you too!!... You poor love!! Sounds like it definitly needs more than a wipe though....All the best... do let yes know??
  12. i know i know. the nail polish idea is horrible. hehe but if u cant bring it to Gucci look for a local cleaner who specializes in cleaning designer bags. Ive seen this website in the US. "Margarets Cleaners" the before and after pictures are pretty amazing. GL~
  13. Yer, i havent had chance to go anywhere yet but i dont know if you have heard of the boutique over here called cricket, where they sell bbags, chloe etc... where all the WAGS go, well its just by mine so i might pop in and see if they can suggest a good dry cleaner their clients use possibly!
    thanks for all the advice!