Help with speedy 30 serial code

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  1. Hi girls.

    I apologise if this is in the wrong place but i'm not sure where i should post. Mods can move if its wrong.

    Anyway my mum bought a speedy years ago from the Louis Vuitton Store London and now im the proud owner :biggrin:.
    The thing is i can find the serial number/code or whatever its called.
    As i said it was bought from the Louis Vuitton store so its definetly authentic and anyway we dont buy fakes :yucky::yucky: lol

    So could someone tell me where i could find this number? And also does it not say 'MADE IN' inside the bag? is it just on the zipper? or somewhere else?

    Thankyou :smile:
  2. the date code is on a leather tab under the flap inside the bag.
    "made in" is on one of the tabs of the side of the bag, not inside. it also should definitely not be on the zipper.
  3. Hi sorry thats what meant on the the flap on the side of the bag not on the zipper pull. Im so rubbish at explaining things.
    Right well i cant find the serial code. there isnt a tab inside the bag :sad:
  4. The leather tab should be under the pocket... I believe?
  5. Honestly it must be just me but i really cant find it.
    Would it be down the bottom? because theres nothing where i can see it.
    Why would they put it so i cant find it lol
  6. How very strange. :thinking: Are there leather tabs underneath your pocket?
    That’s exactly where mine is, etched right into the leather...
  7. Unless im just being stupid but no there isnt any. I cant find it anywhere.
    I wouldnt mind if i was bought from somewhere like ebay but we bought it from the store so i dont see how im having this problem.

    Ive pulled out the whole lining to have a good luck and i dont see anything. its very strange indeed.
  8. #8 Feb 19, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2010
  9. Its about 6 years old.
    Mine doesnt have that. its just a pocket inside.
  10. Oh goodness, you're not being stupid!
    I think Itsonly4me may have a very good point; vintage may in fact be different!
  11. Lift the pocket up - it is underneath the pocket.
  12. It is only six years old - not considered vintage.
  13. No its not a pocket that can be lifted. Its just a pocket. no zip or anything.
    This is strange and im getting a little worried now.
  14. Then its prob fake-
  15. :shrugs: There's no zip on my pocket... but it can be lifted...
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Not open for further replies.