help with something small

  1. iv just booked a holiday to florida for the second week in september.
    since i dont live near a chanel and ill be close to mall at millenia iv decided i should by myself something small. since i already have my eye on a burberry tote bag i wont have much to spend.
    what would you ladies suggest i buy myself for around $300 or less?
    i dont yet own any chanel. my style is girly but classic.
  2. there's not much available from Chanel at that price point to be honest. . . check out their CC earrings or costume jewelry, there's a few pieces under $300.
  3. well i realised i wasnt going to get a bag for that little. lol. i forgot to sy thats before tax because ill get my tax back when i leave the country.
  4. I know:yes:
    But my answer isn't considering anything leather ;)
  5. sunglasses?!
  6. I just used my EGC card to get the CHANEL CC black enamel earrings.They r super cute and only 275-
  7. oooh, sunnies are a great suggestion!
  8. I think most the sunnies are over $300, I was looking today and most were $375 to $600ish
  9. How about one of their scarves?:smile:
  10. There is a new pair of earrings that came out that are a classic gold CC logo with a pearl drop. They retail for $165. Its a very pretty earring for the price.
  11. get your tax back when you leave the US? I don't think there's such rule in the US.
  12. you can get a credit card case, those are super cute.
  13. Yes, what a great idea. They have a couple that's really nice this fall
  14. I think there is a wallet for around $375-might be a good first purchase that u will use everyday!