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  1. Dear Purseforum,
    I would need help choosing the colors for a SO, I first thought of griolet+etoupe+violet (exactly like the one attached ), then I thought of rose shocking, rose lipstick and orange (because I'm a person who likes vivid colors.)
    Any suggestions? I would like a 3 colour combination at least.
    Any pics will be apreciated :biggrin:


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  2. First I think you need to see which colors are offered this go round for SO placement. Have you seen the list already????
  3. I have
  4. Those 3 colors available for u ?
  5. Yes
  6. I would go for the pink combo then both combos r great.but pink is so much harder to acquire from store
  7. Pink combo!
  8. The violet 3 color combo you posted is stunning!
  9. Pretty surprised RS and RL are both available...
  10. I prefer the one in the photo, but that is because I am not fond of pink and orange together.
  11. That was exactly what I was thinking!!!!!!!!!:thinking:
  12. The list I saw definitely didn't have RS. Nor do I remember RL but I was more concentrating on looking for a pink interior choice (and no RL was not available for interior either). Unless H do offer massively different SO lists to different stores.
  13. Sorry, to OP, I am not keen on either combos but hey whatever rocks your boat!
  14. Ya Rose Shocking would be a SHOCK! I think every pink lover and their mother who didnt have it yet would be bombarding H with SOs in this color! Ah each his own...;)
  15. Oooh anything you can share about what's on the list this time? :graucho::graucho: