Help with SNAD/Return on Hermes Bag

  1. I know this is not about an "authenticuty issue" however, Carol

    is well respected & she is certainly capable of giving a condition

    report which is what the OP needs & paypal will accept her letterhead

    that is why I made that sugggestion...

    And OP should check with PP to see if they will accept a letter from


    I am not sure PP will accept a letter from an auction house
  2. Hermes does not authenticate, this is true. But the bag is authentic anyway, so I am thinking that if you take the bag in they can give you a detailed list of what would need to be done at a spa treatment to bring the bag up to an acceptable condition, perhaps that would help you??
  3. Any updates OP???
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    The seller agreed to return the bag and the dispute was found in my favour!! She still wants me to pay 500 for her "losses" though..
    I'm just waiting for the bag to be delivered and for the seller to sign all shipping documents upon receipt.
    My shipping expenses were almost 700 USD (I made sure the bag was delivered with signature confirmation and through an express courier), so this has been a very expensive (and bad) experience.. I hope NO ONE will ever go through what I´ve been through these past few weeks..
    Thank you for your support, I truly apreciate it...!
    I´ll keep you updated!

  5. It is a shame you had to pay $700 to post it back.
    The seller should have refunded you return postage because she lied on her auction.
    What a waste of time and money.:nogood::nogood:
    Good luck OP

  6. Great news....:smile:

    She can spit wooden nickels for wanting $500.... gimme a break...

    what a manipulative & deceptive seller she turned out to be...
  7. Your client should have bought it, not you. Not sure why you had to take all of the risk. Do they know you spent all that money to return it?
  8. What a crock this seller is, i hope that you update when you get your full refund.

  9. Was thinking this as well... shouldn't the client at least offered to

    pay return shipping or at least a portion of it..

    OP indicated in the beginning of the post that the buyer requested

    her to make the purchase & when the bag came they were both


  10. The client did have a look at the bag...
  11. I agree with this. Your client should have paid the tab or at least offered to split the cost with you. Why should you take all the risks?
  12. Amen. I'd tell her to suck it. She's lucky she got the bag back in the condition she sent it. I'd be tempted to scratch the hell out of it and claim it was that way when I got it. Not really - I would never do that! lol But I'd for real be pissed!

    Don't give her a dime. Especially since you had to pay $700 to send the thing back!
  13. Maybe it's because she makes money as the "middle person" of the transaction, therefore she is the one to take the loss? I am just guessing here. OP?

  14. Even as the middle person, the client asked the OP to make the purchase in addition the buyer looked at the bag as both were disappointed..

    The buyer should have made the gesture and it was up to the OP to perhaps
    refuse .. I am just thinking that perhaps the OP never continued the discussion
    with the client about how difficult the return was becoming..but the client had
    to know the bag was going to be sent back...

    It's just too bad that the OP has to be out $700...that stinks!!
  15. I completely and totally agree.