Help with SNAD/Return on Hermes Bag

  1. Hey Guys, I need some advice.
    I just purchased a 20K Hermes Kelly croc from eBay seller mimiaction. When I received the bag and put it out to daylight, me and my client (who I got the bag for) noticed there were a lot more wear and tear to the bag than what the pictures showed. Also, the bag was stated as excellent, and in my opinion the bag is only in ok-good condition.
    I´ve tried to return the bag by claiming that the pictures and description were misleading, but the seller now claims she must keep 2000 USD for her re-stockhing fee. How can she do that when the description of the bag is incorrect? I do not like to utilise the return policy, however I want to void my agreement/purchase with the seller, since the description was not correct, plus the bags didn´t show important wear and tear omn the bag.
    Please help me solve this as I feel scammed. I haven´t slept for days, and she also refuses to give me her shipping adress.
    What can I do??
  2. File a dispute with paypal or eBay stating the item was significantly not as described. Be specific about why you believe the description and pictures were not correct and why you want a full refund vs. a partial refund accounting for the damage. I hope that helps.
  3. I don't think your seller can charge you a re-stocking fee unless she has stated

    that in her auction.

    Since the bag is in a different condition than is stated in her auction, you can

    file a SNAD with eBay... If your seller is not communicating with you should be able

    to get her contact information from ebay.

    How was this purchase paid for ?? With a credit card??

    Is it possible for you to post the auction here so we can see the details

    of the listing??

    It is always best to try to work things out with the seller but if you have to file

    a SNAD then you will have to do that.

    You may be required to get a third party confirmation about the condition of the

    bag.. be prepared to do so, if asked by ebay

    Keep us posted...
  4. Hi Saira1214,

    Thank you for your reply. I was thinking about doing that, but I have some really bad experiences with paypal/ebay. I also found out this seller has had a lot of neg feedback on ebay that has been removed.
    I am a mprs, and would never do this to anyone. Prior to my purchase she responded very quickly to all my questions, but after payment was received she started to be more and more nonchalant. And now I have to send her 3-4 emails before I get a reply. She refuses to give me her shipping info, even though I´ve asked her 100 times.
    I feel so sad and upset right now.
  5. I agree with the other posters and wanted to add that you need to take lots and lots of sharp, clear, close up pictures. Ebay's resolution team may ask you for pictures of the worn areas in question so make sure that the pictures are high resolution pictures that show the true condition of the bag. Good luck!
  6. I have just looked at her auctions.. If this is mimiaction from Taiwan she

    does state in her listing at the bottom of the page there is a 10%restocking fee.

    she also states that if a customer is only unsaisfied with the condition of the

    item, you can send e-mail to us within 48 hrs.. we will determine what to do

    either refund or exchange..

    Was this a black croc kelly???

    So at this point if she is not communicating with you, you should file a SNAD

    and ebay will determine I guess not sure about this if there is a restocking fee

    or not..

    Keep us posted
  7. Thank you for your reply.
    The seller has stated terms about 10% re-stocking fee, but that shouldn´t be appliccable if the bag doesn´t match the description.
    The bag has a lot more wear and scuffings then what the pictures shows. It is simply not in excellent condition. I would never pay 20K for this bag if I had seen it prior to my purchase.
    I paid through my credit card, so maybe they can help me with this transaction?
    This is a link to the ebay auction:

    Thanks everyone!
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    I think you should file SNAD dispute with either eBay or PayPal to protect yourself. If you win the claim, the seller has to refund the whole transaction amount. Her other listings state 10% restocking fee so I'm assuming yours too. But if the bag wasn't as described, I don't believe you owe the fee.
    It's a very expensive item, so I would recommend to use the most reliable method of shipping that you can insure full amount. Even it might be going to cost you a small fortune.
    I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this...

    Sorry, I was a bit late to post this....
  9. So it says they only refund for it not being authentic. They would really charge a restocking fee for selling a counterfeit item??

  10. Can you post pics of where the bag has more wear & scuffings

    than the listing shows???

    If the seller is being uncooperative, you can dispute the charge with

    your credit card but then it is also difficult to file a SNAD with ebay...

    from what I understand they cancel each other out... so it is one or the

    other... any other thoughts on this from other more experienced buyers

    who have had this situation, please share your thoughts & experience here..

    And you also can't expect the cc to refund you if you still are in possession

    of the bag...

    Are you able to obtain any contact info from ebay at all???
  11. I forgot to mention that when I first contacted the seller (after receiveing the bag), she told me to hand in the bag to Hermès for a "spa treatment". I guess she must have been aware that the condition wasn´t excellent. I would never state a bags condition as excellent and then tell the buyer to go and get it fixed.
    Do you know if I can get help from ebay even though I paid directly through paypal?
    Never been in this kind of situation before, so I am feeling really sad at the moment. Haven´t slept for days..
    Thank you all for your quick and helpful replies...

  12. Was this transaction completed via paypal and not ebay??

    If so, you perhaps should file with paypal..
  13. I am going to take a lot of pictures of the bag and post them all here. The problem is that my system camera is at work, and I won´t be able to get it until tomorrow.
    I´ll take as many pictures as I can tomorrow and then post them here within 24 hours.
    Thank you all for being so helpful.
  14. Yes I paid directly through paypal. The seller wanted 19888 USD through ebay and 19000 USD if paid directly through paypal.
    Will this make it harder for me to file a complaint?
  15. She can't push her auction terms if you didn't buy it through the auction.