Help with SNAD case!!

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  1. I bought a Balenciaga city from an eBay seller who described it as 'like new', 'pristine', 'worn only twice' and 'with hardly any signs of wear' in the original listing.

    When the bag arrived yesterday, there was fraying in a number of places, stains and scuff marks on top and bottom corners. Interior was dusty and leather was broken in - surely the bag has been used a lot more than twice!!

    I posted the details in this thread:

    To cut the long story short, I emailed seller as soon as I received the bag but has not heard from her (she usually responded very fast), so I decided to open a SNAD case with PayPal. I will not escalate the case so soon, to allow a fair amount of time for seller to respond. I just want to have an official record and to let seller know I am serious about it .

    Am I right to assume that if seller continues to ignore this and I were to escalate the claim, PayPal will advise me what to do next?

    I also read elsewhere that PayPal often requires a formal letter from third party to verify on condition of bag, which can be a challenge. Does eBay require the same? Since I have not escalated the case, I wonder if I'd be better off filing the dispute with eBay instead and just let the PayPal case close on its own without pursuing any further?

    I'm quite worried as i have no experience dealing with SNAD cases and don't want to take the wrong steps!!

    Help and advice will be greatly appreciated!!
  2. If I am not mistaken, if you open a case with Paypal, you aren't allowed to open a case for the same transaction in ebay.

    Paypal is inconsistent. I think that usually the third party letter is to verify that an item isn't authentic, not to verify the condition of the bag. Take lots of pictures of the damage.

    I don't think that you should have opened a case without giving the seller a reasonable length of time to respond, i.e. a couple of days. Some sellers don't run their businesses on the weekends.
  3. Ok the seller replied...and here's what she said (extracts):

    "I'm terribly sorry that you are not satisfied with the bag. I have actually only used this bag a handful of times. There are no "stains" as you say. As the leather and the color of this bag do wear with age. This bag has been stored in the dustbag since I have not used the item in about a year or two. The outer lining of the bag was already slightly lighter color of the regular leather from when I purchased the bag. It stated that there were hardly any signs of wear, it didn't state that there wasn't any wear at all. The bag is still in very good condition and the pictures of the bag is exactly the bag itself. I even sent you more close up pictures of the bag before it was purchased. I was not trying to trick you not deceive the buyer in any way. I would more than happy to accomodate you with $200 refund. Please let me know if that works."

    Now do I even need a third-party to verify that the bag is NOT PRISTINE? :huh:
  4. I saw the photos of the bag in question, and the seller must be REALLY hard on her bags if that was used only a handful of times. As for losing color with age (sitting in a dust bag for a year).....that is total bunk! I purchased a 2009 Bal bag and it sat in the original dust bag/box for 2 years before I sold it to consignment. The bag did not lose color.
  5. I looked over the photo's of the bag and agree, a high end, well made bag will not show that kind of wear when used a handful of times. I think you should decide what you want before responding to the seller. If the partial refund makes the value vs condition more fair, and you are happy with that, then take it. If not, ask for a return and refund for the full amount. Its hard to say what the seller will say when you ask for a refund, if you decide to go that route. If it gets to the point where you do escalate the case with paypal, you shouldn't need any sort of letter, since the authenticity is not in question. I hope it works out for you. I know its disappointing to expect one thing and to get another.
  6. Yup I'm very certain I want a full refund, and that was exactly what I told the seller. The only thing that upsets me going that route is to incur the return shipping cost, which is gonna be over $50. Not to mention the loss due to exchange rate even with a full refund :sad: but decidedly, this is better than being stuck with a bag I won't love.
  7. It is a shame the seller describe the bag as LIKE NEW and not USED.
    I would ask the seller for $500 and send the bag for a treatment or buy conditional to treat the bag.
    But if you feel a a full refund is what you want then, then i really hope the seller refund you in full.
    Good luck OP.
  8. So sad that sellers seem to be misrepresenting condition of their items..

    Stick to your guns with regard to your full refund... the exchange loss

    is probably better than keeping a bag that you won't enjoy using..

    After all is said & done, would also leave the appropriate feedback for this seller

    to warn other buyers to ask questions about the condition..
  9. There are still ways to be careful on eBay. The seller has 20 feedback total, only 6 as a seller and one of those is a neutral: "Had some issues regarding item description, but great communication!" It was a $1500 bag and no returns allowed. These are all red flags.

    She is new to selling and may not know how to handle this. Be firm with her and push for a full refund due to SNAD. Don't let her get sidetracked into irrelevant issues or offers. The only issue is that the bag's condition is not as described and the only resolution is a full refund or exchange for a bag in the condition described. Stay on message and good luck, I am really sorry you have to deal with this!
  10. Yes indeed. There are some great deals to be had on ebay but it doesn't always work out. Getting stuck with return shipping and exchange fees is a relatively small price to pay to get your money back. I just chalk it up to the cost of doing business on ebay. I've been stuck a few times but overall I am ahead.

  11. You may be able to get your return shipping via ebay/paypal with your SNAD

    They sometimes do this.. it is usually a one time offer but it

    may pay for you to ask....because you never know...
  12. Thanks all. I've decided to escalate this as seller replied again to state that "I stated that there were hardly any flaws. To me, this bag was in like new and pristine condition. I think you expected a new bag with no flaws at all. If you wanted more pictures of the bag for flaws, you could have requested more before the transaction."

    I think this is a clear case of misrepresentation. I've bought preowned bags and definitely know the difference between like new and well used. This bag is not even in EUC condition with all the fraying and scuffs on all corners!
  13. It's the seller's job to describe the bag. A bag can only both be pristine (meaning in new condition) and have hardly any flaws (which implies that there are flaws) if the flaws are manufacturing defects. And the damage to the bag isn't hardly there. It's pretty extensive.

    Don't let the seller try to emphasize only the "hardly any flaws" part. In all your communications with her and Paypal, talk about the entirety of the description. A worn only twice, like new, pristine bag with hardly any flaws does not look like the pics you posted.
  14. ^ agree.. you need to outline the flaws in this bag, plus the condition..

    This is not a pristine bag by any means nor slightly worn either

    In this case a "picture is worth a thousand words"
  15. I had a similar experience recently with buying a LV Tivoli that the seller described as "like brand new" and when I received it...I was in tears! See my post below...

    I don't mind paying so much for this bag with shipping, duties/taxes if it was in a like new condition as described by the seller. But I was so upset when I opened the package to see a well-used bag. The first time she responded and said to send it back. She didn't respond to the pics I sent and even when she received the item back. I filed a SNAD against her and she refunded me the money in one hour!!! Her excuse...I had an emergency!
    I had to pay the return shipping of 50 with insurance and confirmation to be on the safe side. Even if I lose some money, it's better than losing 1500 to a used item.
    And I'm still trying to claim my refund for the duties/taxes..still pending on the Customs Office..sigh! But at least I got my refund for the bag itself.

    I hope this gives you some insight on what to do! We are all here to support you!!! Good luck!