Help with skincare....

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Help!!!!! I need some advice.

    I've tried SO many skincare lines. You name it everything from Chanel to La Mer to Clinique to Elemis and the endless list just goes on......

    I"ll find a line and think after a couple days that I"ve found the "perfect" skincare just to shortly be disappointed due to my sensitive/reactive skin.

    I don't have acne or breakouts (although I will get breakouts when trying a new skincare line) but my issues is mainly DEHYDRATION and then of course sensitive skin to most product lines.

    My Dr. thinks I should just use Cerave and call it a day but I"m thinking that theres got to be something else out there that's more fun. Or should I just go for tried and true?

    All opinions greatly welcome.:smile:
  2. Hi lovebagsz!

    I experienced the same thing and nothing was working for me....I went on the Intraceuticals rejuvenation skin care program and LOVE it!! Have been using it now for 2 months and even after working out, and spending time in the sauna my skin looks amazing. Good luck!!! Whatever you choose, I hope it works great for you :smile:.
  3. Thank you for this suggestion.

    Can you tell me more about it?
  4. Eh, I stick with tried and true. I don't use everything from one line - I don't think any brand is that good, but the bulk of my skincare products tend to be Neutrogena. Hardly glamorous, and like you said, I'd like something more "fun", but hey it's cheap and it keeps my skin looking decent, so I'll stick with it!
  5. I have really sensitive and dehydrated skin too...The products I stick with are Aveeno body wash and body lotion. And for my face I use only Kiehl's products...(I looove the Kiehl's baby products..adults can use them too and they are very GENTLE).

    Perhaps you can try something organic/natural and meant for babies/children?

    Make sure there are no parabens or SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) in your products..those are usually the culprits causing irritation and itchy skin.
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    Hi lovebags2,

    I have sensitive skin that reacts to everything as well. The problem may not be the specific products you are using but perhaps the combination of the products you are using. A new product introduced to a regimen may disrupt the balance created with the rest of the products you're using. An imbalance could be caused by using a product too often or too little. It's hard to identify the culprit and usually takes some experimenting but I'm sure you'll get there!

    The posters above give great advice, try to stick with more natural products to decrease the chances of reactions. Sometimes less is more esp. for sensitive skin. Less chemicals, less applications, less often. Does your regimen include exfolition X times a week, toner, mask, etc. Perhaps there's a step that can be eliminated or done less often. After trying so many toners I realized my face just hates toners and doesn't really need it.

    Wow sorry for babbling! I just hope to give you a different perspective on why some products don't seem to work or do work. Also why don't you check out Korres products. They boast to be natural without the use of parabans, sulfates, etc. I'm currently using their Yogurt Cream and so far my oily-dehydrated skin is eating that stuff up! I can't speak for the rest of the line but I figure I should end this with a product suggestion.

    Good luck and let us know what you choose!
  7. Make sure there are no parabens or SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) in your products..those are usually the culprits causing irritation and itchy skin.

    ^^ITA. The most common culprits are the fillers in makeup and other skincare items. Try to avoid SLS, parabens, propylene glycol, and petrolatum products.

    Switch to mineral makeup, natural cleansers and skin creams to see if your current skin condition improves. I advise my clients to read the list of ingredients on their current skincare products and then google those same ingredients for more information on allergens, etc. There are many books and websites on how certain chemicals can cause allergic reactions on the skin and body for some individuals.
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    Hi Ladies,

    Thanks all for the wonderful advice. I"m going to look into several of the suggestions here. xoxo

    Now, I met with my DR. today and do you know what she's suggesting for me (of all things I'd never guess this line for my ultra sensitive skin) - OBAGI!!!!

    She thinks I should start out with this line in baby steps by just adding one product at at time to my normal routine. And as a matter of fact she really is only endorsing one or two products from that line and thinks I should stay for now with the majority of my current products since we know my skin can tolerate (even though this line I understand works well if you use all the products).

    If anyone has any experience with Obagi please feel free to post your opinions here. Of course I"m a little nervous about trying but then again I've heard wonderful reviews too.

    She thinks my dehydration issues need to be addressed on the "cellular" level and not with more moisturizers. And as a matter of fact I can apply a ton of moisturizer and I'm still dehydrated. So, I do LIKE that approach.

    I just hope my skin can handle Obagi. Oh dear! The things I do in the name of beauty. LOL
  9. I LOVE Paula's Choice for most of my products.
    Her stuff is awesome.

    Hope the Obagi works for you!!
  10. lovebags2, try La Roche-Posay Toleriane line. It's formulated for sensitive skin.
  11. i've tried pretty much everything out there and i've been absolutely loving REN's skincare products for my sensitive skin. it's worked wonders and i now swear by it!
  12. Hi Ladies,

    Here's an update. It's not good though.

    I"m probably one of the first Obagi customer's that gave up after trying this system for just one night. But, I am! I woke up this morning to dry/red skin. And I normally am not red.

    Once I see a negative reaction I run for the hills.;)

    I do have an apt later today with a skin expert to maybe discuss the possiblity of just adding a vitamin c serum or a different product before I entirely throw in the towel on Obagi.

    Also, I received a nice review from a girlfriend on a spa that uses Skin Medica. I noticed that my Derm's office likes that line too. Hm.... Maybe it's time for a facial. I think I need one to just relax if nothing else. All this stressing over skincare is too much! LOL

    And I can always stay with my current routine. You really start to appreciate what your using when you try something new and the results are worse. My regime now isn't bad at all. It's just not giving me enough moisture. But, at least my skin is totally clear. I"m just looking for a bit more hydration and that radiant glow!

    I'll keep you all posted on my search!
  13. La Roche Posay, you cant go wrong with them, they do wonders to sensitive skin:smile:
  14. ^Agree, and also Avène...I also have a dry/combo, reactive sensitive skin that breaks out when I try new stuff and Avène is my HG
  15. To the OP, just curious, what is your daily/weekly regimen right now?