Help with sizing the CL metallica/metallika/"pleated shoe bootie"

  1. I'm thinking about getting a pair of the ruched shoe booties that seem to go by several different names and spellings. I'm interested in the plain old black leather, I think:

    (by the way - I just went to that URL and a message popped up saying I would get 10% off my next order if I signed up for Saks email updates!)

    Anyway, I want to know how the sizing is for these. Saks says to order up one size but I'm not sure whether they mean a 1/2 or a full size. Also NAP has virtually the same shoe and they don't mention any need to size up.

    I'm generally an 8.5. I'm a 38.5 in the Simple pumps and I have my first pair of Prives coming in the mail tomorrow so I'll know then how they fit. Should I go up to a 39? A 39.5?

    Also, does anyone have these? I'm curious how they look in real life and how they look on.

    Thanks so much!
  2. I have seen the anthracite grey ones at Barneys and thought they were really cute! I suggest you purchase the 39.5, or you could purchase both the 39 and 39.5 since they have the free shipping promo right now and return the ones that don't fit.
  3. OK...maybe I just have a huge foot ( I usually wear a 9.5 or 10, which means usually a 40.5 or 41 in CL) but I tried these on in I think a size 40.5 and it wouldn't even go in my foot....I would deff suggest going up a whole size or 1.5, just in case.
  4. don't know if you still need this info but i own the ones in pewter .. and i brought size 38 when my normal shoe size is 6US .. i couldnt even get half my foot into a size 37 .. and you deffinately need to wear socks or ankle stockings with these shoes so you should allow a bit more space.
  5. Thank you guys for your responses. Well the DHL guy just arrived with my Metallika shoe boots from Net-A-Porter.

    Before ordering, I emailed the NAP product advisor to ask if they ran small. S/he said they found them to be true to size. This was contrary to everything else I had heard so I decided to split the difference and I ordered a 39. (I wear a 38.5 in the Simples and Very Prives and generally think of my self as a size 8.5, but I seem to be a 38 in some shoes - like both pairs of Jimmy Choo flats I own).

    When I first tried to put my foot in, I thought, there's no way this is gonna go! But after finding the correct angle, I got them on and they seem to fit fine. There's plenty of room in the toe and my other toes aren't smooshed at all. The only place it's tight is in this weird spot on top of my left foot where I have a bone that sticks out, but I'm sure they'll stretch a little there.

    Actually I have to say, these are some of the most comfortable heels I've worn! They hug my feet without squishing them and my foot feels like it's at just the right angle. Also I wasn't sure the shoe boot look was going to work on me, but I like how they look.

    Ever since I tried them on, I've been thinking I should switch back to trying out this other pair of shoes I bought that I'm undecided about, but I keep resisting taking them off!!
  6. Thanks for the update and I am glad you love em!! I was thinking about getting myself a pair as well.