Help with sizes - Thanks :)

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  1. :yes: Hello,
    Today I was out shopping with my mum for my christmas present, I was looking for a new wallet and couldn't decide whice designer i wanted, looked in gucci and prada, but nothing i wanted. So in the way out I noticed the LV boutique and decided to go in for a little look, OMG :nuts: I was amazed at how beautiful everything was, the SA's were so helpful, so I ended up leaving with a Port Tressor International and a keychain:yahoo: I love them and would love to treat myself to a new bag, I was thinking a monogram speedy 40, wasn't thinking in the store and forgot to look, could someone please post some pictures of them maybe modelling them so I can get an idea of what they look like on, Thankyou.
  2. i think a 40 is pretty big- are you in to big bags? i think the 30 is a great size. i'm not a small girl and it looks good on me and holds a ton. I even managed to get my large gap denim jacket in theirewith my large zippy groom wallet and still had room to spare!

    congrats on your new things!
  3. 40 is pretty big, even for me and I like big bags.

    35 is my favorite size.
  4. Ok thanks guys, now when I think about it, it might be a little too big, although I love big bags, I dont know what to do, Im not going to get back to the store before Christmas but my sis was going to get me the bag tomorrow if i could just decide on what size to get:confused1: :shrugs: Thanks:yes:
  5. A 40 is a big bag. How about a 30?
  6. you should go in there and try on each size, trust me once you try them on you WILL KNOW which one is perfect for you! :wlae:
  7. Congrats on your new purchases!

    Hmm... I would think a 40 would be too big? Maybe a 35?

    I've a 30 and it can store loads of stuff already.
  8. I started with the 25 found out it was too small, now I have the 30, but am thinking of getting a 35 too. I love big bags and although the 30 holds alot, I think I might like the 35! :graucho: I :heart: the Speedy bag....I have mono 30, Damier 30, Damier Azur 30, Neo Speedy and just got the MC 30 in white from Let-Trade (should be here next week). So as you can see.....I'm quite partial to the Speedy! :yahoo:
  9. ^Forgot to add that I also have the Mini Lin Speedy 30!! :wlae:
  10. Here's me with my speedy 40. I'm 5'7.
    I love it, but I could never use it as a handbag. It's good for a carry on or overnight bag. I think it looks ridiculously big on me.
    speedy1.JPG speedy2.JPG speedy3.JPG
  11. i love the 40 and i don't think it looks rediculously big at all!!! leiah, it looks great on u!!
    i'm only5'5" and i've always wanted a speedy 40!! :smile:
  12. Thanks everyone for your help:smile: :smile:
  13. Its gorgeous but not for everyday IMO