Help with size please


Nov 1, 2011
Leicester UK
Ok, so I have made the plunge and decided to sell my beloved patent Altadama CLS, Thing is I am unsure what size they are - they are a 41.5 and I am a uk 7 but I don't actually know if 41.5 is a UK 7? I tried them on in the boutique when I was in the States and I remember I wore a couple of pairs to get my right sizing... Thing is I don't want to sell them as a size 7 if they are slightly bigger etc... I would hate for someone to be disappointed with the fit.

Can someone help me out please?

Jan 5, 2006
Melbourne, Australia
when i list anything - i specify whats printed on the item. i also always provide insole (or any other) measurements. if anyone asks my size - i advise in reply and provide as much info as i can. i always advise my buyers to be aware of CL (or any other brands) sizes. it is not the sellers responsibility to work out buyers fit. :smile: i am in AU and most of my buyers come from US and UK, so all I do is provide CLs size. some of the clothes (ex DIOR) have multiple sizes printed on labels, so whatever the item has is what I put in the description. hope it helps!