Help with size of Paddington!

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  1. Hi All

    I really want a chloe paddinton, it will be my first :yes:

    But want to get quite a large one- for a slimming effect on my 'curvy' figure ;)
    I've found the one in this picture on saying it's size is W 14.5 inch H 7.5 and Depth 7.5, this is the link:
    Chloé Leather Paddington Bag - NET-A-PORTER.COM

    But I don't know if this is the small, medium or large that is referred to in these threads!

    Can anyone help me?xxxxxxxxxxxx
    chloe 4.jpg chloe 3.jpg
  2. Hi there!:flowers:

    I just clicked on that link you posted and NAP is currently undergoing maintenance! lol, typical!:rolleyes:

    I don't have my paddy to hand to measure for you, but i *think* that is the medium/regular size satchel, from memory.:idea:
  3. Thanks v. much chicky!

    NAP is soooo bad!!

    I would really like one in the size of this pic. Is this one large?
    I think it's so lovely i need to wipe the drool off my keyboard :nuts:
  4. I'm positive that's the medium/regular satchel (same as in my avatar):heart:

    It looks much bigger in the pic you've posted because it slouches when it's being held, especially when you don't put much in it.;)

    It's a great size, i can fit a filofax, keys, large purse, mobile phone and more in it, with room to spare.:nuts:

    If you want huge huge, you may want to consider one of the bouler/zippy styles?:idea:
  5. It definitely is the medium and it is the classic size. I find it to be too small for me but I am six feet tall. The east west zippy in the large size is absolutely perfect for me - although I don't own one. I do have the rather large belt pocket paddy that several posters feel is too much purse for them. Be a little wary of the 'large' sized Paddy because that one is suitcase sized. Unless you want a suitcase sized bag! - LOL!