Help with signature soft duffle??

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  1. I really like this bag but I don't really want a bag that when I carry it on my shoulder it hangs down way past my waist! Does anyone know how adjustable the strap is? I don't have a Coach store near me to try it on and hopefully it'll be at my Macy's so I can try it on. I don't mind my bag hanging a little low but not too low, KWIM?? :yes: PS. Merry Christmas!

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  2. judging from the try it on thing on the site, it looks like it'd be pretty long...way too long, even for me!
  3. Yeah, that's what I was worried about but if it adjusts to a shorter length it'd be OK. But it depends on IF and how much it might adjust! It's a cute little bag for summer though!
  4. If it's like the older soft duffles from a couple of years ago (the ones with the flap and buckle), then it adjusts short enough to carry it under your arm. It shortens to about half the fully-extended length. I carry mine shortened a lot and it doesn't hang down very far at all.
  5. yea, what's up with the strap? I would like to see a pic on someone.
  6. Here's a pic of me with the duffle I mentioned above. From the Coach site, it looks like it's got the same sort of strap as the duffle tlloveshim asked about. In this picture, the strap is fully extended so I can wear it cross-body. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures with me of it worn shortened but when I do shorten it, it's half the length as when it's fully extended. Basically, to shorten it, you just fold it in half, run it through the brass loop on one side and then buckle it at the other end. Hard to explain. For reference, I'm 5'5".

    Edited to add: Oops, I just looked more closely at the picture of the one tlloveshim asked about and noticed the clasp at the end of it. Now I don't think that it's the same strap as on the bag I posted.
  7. Thanks so much! That is really a cute bag and looks great on you! I'm planning on going by Macy's today but I'm skeptical as to whether they'll have this particular bag or not. If they do, I'll try it on and report back! LOL! I didn't like the duffles at first but they are kinda growing on me.
  8. ^^^ Thanks, tlloveshim!
  9. Well, went to Macy's and they didn't have it so I have nothing to report! I still love the look of that bag though! Hopefully someone will see it in a store and let us know about the strap but I'd guess that it's like the regular duffle and can be shortened enough to not be so long. If I purchase one, I'll definately post it!
  10. did you ever purchase this bag? I'm interested in this bag as well.
  11. No, I have ended up obsessing incessantly over the Legacy shoulder bag in pond so have put this cute little bag aside. I'm just not 100% sure about it. If you get it will you post? I'd really like to see it carried.
  12. I'm interested in this one, too. I keep hoping to see it in the store but the only store around me that carries Coach is Dillards and they haven't had it yet.