Help with Sienna Styles!

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  1. Well, I returned my Sienna Weekender and got this gorgeous RTT with GGH instead!!! However...I am thinking this bag is too BIG too as an everyday bag, but I love the color so much I would rather have a smaller bag but I've never seen them (with GGH)!

    So two questions for the experts:

    1) Did Bal make Sienna GGH in a City or PartTime or Work?

    2) BE HONEST! Do you guys think I could pull off this size or do I look like I am running away from home? I'm 5'7 (5'10 in heels) and athletic.
    IMG_0789.JPG IMG_0771.JPG IMG_0777.JPG
  2. Here's another pic wearing jeans
  3. It's big, but it looks great on you.
    If you think it's too big now, it might bother you later. I'm pretty sure we've seen a PT around here somewhere (definitely in SGH, but I LOVE:heart: it with GGH)
  4. That is sooooo stunning!!!! :love: I think it looks fabulous on you but if you're having doubts then return it!!! I would keep it though!!! Love the RTT!!!! Do the handles fit over the shoulder with a coat on? Thanks!!!
  5. BT, I love this bag on you! My only concern would be the weight of such a big bag, but otherwise I say keep it!
  6. This RT, is this a new style? What are its actual dimensions? How does it compare in size to brief and other b bags like work? Does it come with shoulder strap. Looks great but I find that the big ones end up giving me shoulder pains because I can't refrain from stuffing with stuff! Love the city or day bag style, both come with GH. THanks for dimensions and some description of this style anyone who knows..:wlae:
  7. It looks great on you:yes: but if you think it is too big i would go for the GGH PT, Work or even the Brief. ;)
  8. Oh, yeah, you can totally pull it off!!!!! I don't think it's too big on you at all!

    The Work is my daily bag and I'm only 5'3"! But if you feel uncomfortable with the size, I think the Work would be gorgeous:heart: I have one in the RH and I looove it!
  9. Nowadays, I see so many petite women carrying bigger bags than you... I guess that's the style? I do, however, think it looks too big on you; that's just my opinion :smile:
  10. love anything sienna, but love the rtt on you, you can definately rock it.
  11. :drool:That bag is beeeyoooootiful!!

    Love that Sienna colour!

    And I think it looks great on you!
  12. It is a large bag, but I think you're tall enough to pull it off. It does look more like a bag than a purse, if that makes sense. The size looks like it'd work in the same way that you'd use a weekender. But it looks fab on you! The color and leather are gorgeous!!
  13. Thanks Glossie for giving me the link (see below) and to shopboy/incoral for the great pix of this GROOVY bag!!!! The comparison pictures are beautiful!!!!!Perhaps there should be (or maybe there is already) an RTT club??? Love it in the Sienna and I think the person with original pix and questions should definitely keep it. How did I miss this style? Guess I was so busy trying to pay for all my other bags, it slipped in there on me!!!:jammin: