Help with shipping!

  1. I just sold my first bag and am wondering what are the best and cheapest ways to ship it. Should I box it up myself? Should I put styrofoam peanuts in? Should I put rolled up paper inside the bag to help it keep it's shape for the shipping? Any and all tips and advice would be great. I am planning on shipping it out tomorrow. Thanks;)
  2. Well with the rate increase recently the post office now charges more for larger size boxes, I shipped a speedy unflattened and had to pay the equivalent of a 9lb box cost cause of the size! I have been selling bags for over a year now, I usually stuff the bag with paper or plastic bags, then put it in it's dustbag and then wrap it in bubble wrap. You can use packing peanuts if you like, but personally i hate sending with those and as a buyer I hate receiving items in them! LOL
  3. Yes bubble wrap is a great idea! Do they sell it at the post office?
  4. You can get bubble wrap at the post office, or any office supply store. You can also get it cheaply through eBay.
  5. Thanks everyone! I am going out today to get a box and some bubble wrap and to mail the bag. Hopefully it doesn't cost too much.