Help with shipping parcel from France to Canada

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  1. Hello everyone - can anyone help me figure out the best way to send my LV wallet from France to Canada? My brother bought it on my behalf & I'd like to be able to track the parcel & insured it for the full 605 Euros with signature confirmation . Which carrier should i go with? Is there a way to avoid, customs & duties as well? i don't want the carrier to loose my wallet & I want to be able to accurately track my shipment. Thankyou
  2. I don't know much about tracking internationally, but to avoid customs and duties maybe he could mark it as a gift?
  3. you will need to pay duty even if its a gift. its value would have to be under $60 in order to escape paying duty.

    If you want the package fully insured for full value you will most likely have to declare to customs what is in it too.
  4. Thank you both for the reply. I'm prepared to pay for customs & duty. Would you recommend Colissimo or Chronost? Most of the reviews which are quite a few years old are not in their favours but again their service could have improved. If not them, would USPS be better or should i just use DHL?

    Thank you
  5. Does your brother live in France? I'm a bit confused as to why you would need this to happen as I was always under the impression Canadian taxes were really expensive when you imported. Duty calculator estimates the import taxes to be around 200 CAD.
  6. Yes he does & but lv multicolour pieces are discontinued in Canada & for the prices that you can find them now Can be More expensive if not about the same but pre owned & I d rather buy brand new. Even if I don't pay duties I still have to pay 13 % taxes. I'd rather pay the duties & own a brand new lv piece.
  7. Got it. They are discontinued worldwide; it just depends what stock is left where. Hope it arrives safely anyway.
  8. I have used UPSC and DHL. I don't have info on the others.
  9. I've never heard of UPSC. Is that a French carrier?