Help with shipping costs

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  1. I have a potential buyer in Israel and shipping would be 80, according to the usps site. That seems really high. I weighed it at 3lbs with packaging. I want to make sure it is tracked and insured. Is there a way to ship cheaper and still be protected?
  2. Not really.
  3. What is the amount of the sale? It's impossible to calculate shipping price without a value for insurance.

    For an example of cost, I chose a $300 item weighing 3 lbs. as per your description of the weight.

    With both priority and express mail, additional insurance coverage is available but both include some coverage (I think, $200). Small flat rate priority box and flat rate envelope don't have indemnity nor can you add it.)

    If you need a signature, I believe you need to use express mail.

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