Help with shippin - what do the terms in tracking mean?

  1. I was due to receive a bag today (the lady was very specific about it, she said today before noon) but I did not receive it.

    The tracking screen says:

    Late Linehaul Frt Delayed at 7:11am


    Check Address (Not Delivered) 10:48

    What does the not delivered mean exactly? Does it mean my mum didn't get it (it was for her, shipped to her address) or it means that the whole thing was delayed and they're sending it tomorrow or something? She says she received nothing today, and that she was home all day.

    Oh by the way she sent through "TNT Australia" as her courier.
  2. I would call TNT - perhaps they couldnt find your mums house for some reason (numbers written illegibly). TNT should be able to help - they are a fairly reputable courier.
  3. I think the first one means the plane/train/truck got delayed.

    The second one looks like it means there was a problem with the address.

    Call TNT with the tracking number...they'll be able to help you!
  4. Sorry for the late thanks, but I called them today (monday) and she's got her bag now. Thanks a lot!