Help with serial number tag on Vintage Alhambra pendant

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VCA bb
May 5, 2010
At home
Hi, has anyone seen a serial number tag on a white gold MOP Vintage alhambra pendant that shows the "VCA G750" above the serial number, on the same side of the tag? I wonder if this is one of the ways VCA used to produce these tags? The one I bought recently from a boutique has the serial number and the "VCA G750" on opposite sides of the tag. I bought it from a reputable reseller, who if I find out the piece has any authenticity issues will issue a full refund. Other than this question, the piece looks authentic. Also, I was wondering if people ever noticed that on the clasp, on the piece that opens, there is a tiny "750" engraved" on it. I see it on both the piece I bought from the boutique and this piece. And on the round link that attaches to the clasp, there is a small engraving of what looks like 3 letters. I cannot for the life of me see what those letters are, even with a 60x loupe, but I see it on all three Alhambra pendants, 2 from a boutique and one from a reseller. Just some observations, and I'm curious to see if all the VCA veterans look for this.

Thank you!
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