Help with selling first LV bag on eBay-Tips and helpful hints please!


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Jul 16, 2007
Hi All,

In 2007 I received a Louis Vuitton (Palermo PM) bag from my employer for my 30th birthday. However I have decided to sell because I just don't seem to wear it all that often.

I've never sold something as high end as an LV bag on eBay before and was wondering if you guys could provide me with some info on the best way to list it. Obviously the biggest issue is that it could be fake (which it is not!) so I was wondering if anyone could tell me which parts of the bag I need to photograph, as well as other info I need to include, or things you would recommend to avoid people thinking it is a fake.

I've used it about 4 times and while there is a small and faint stain on the inside of one of the pockets (from lipgloss i think) and tiny scratches on some pieces of the hardware it is in fabulous condition, I have the dust bag and even the shopping bag it came in, aswell as the receipt from the LV boutique in Sydney where it was purchased.

I'd also be grateful if someone could tell me what price they think is reasonable to start the bidding at. The bag was purchased for AUD$1,350.

All help, info and ideas are welcome and very much appreciated.

I can post pictures if anyone requests them too.

Thank you! :smile:


Dec 29, 2007
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You will need to take lots of clear closeup photos of the hardware...zipperpull, labels inside and out, bottom of bag, front and back of bag, sides of bag...pretty much cover every inch of the bag. PHOTOS are very important.

To get an idea of how much you could get for the bag, do a search on Ebay to see similar bags that have sold and are up for bid now.

Good luck!


Apr 23, 2008
You may want to try Bonanzle too! I've sold 2 purses on there. It gets more traffic than you'd think!


Apr 2, 2008
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OP~like others said take tons of photos.

Also, even though it has the receipt I would post it in the Authenticate This Louis Vuitton forum. Even fakes can come with all the bells and whistles...including receipts. You can never be too careful.

Look at other good listings of the same bag for tips. You can always search recently completed items too
Apr 23, 2007
Take lots of large, clear photos. A good place to load photos (many of us members use) is its easy to transfer photos from there to your Ebay listing. But I think lots of photos is key. Be honest on your description and point out and depict the areas of wear, buyers really appreciate this! Also to help determine a price, go to Ebay and do an advanced search for previous auctions for your model bag and this will give you a good idea, be sure you really review the auctions which sold and had buyers!