help with seller's remorse pls!

  1. Hi all, can you help a sad soul? I just shipped a Chanel off for sale for the first time . . . it was a gorgeous bag (the large black perf. tote) but I just found that I always was reaching for something else. I loved the black w/ silver so have purchased a med. black lambskin flap (my first classic flap!) with the silver & leather chain to take its place. I think it was the right call, esp. since I wasn't using it, but -- :crybaby: , it is hard to let a Chanel bag leave the house. And how big a loser am I to love it more now that it's gone! Any virtual pats on the back welcomed. (Will I feel better once the new bag arrives?) I have also convinced myself that selling a bag and buying a replacement is not technically a violation of my bag ban. I really am lame.
  2. (((HUGS)). I know how you feel, and the attachment that can happen. For some reason, it seems like once a bag is gone, it's more missed. However, like you mentioned, it was never used, so just think it's going to be loved and taken out. Your new bag will make you feel better.:heart:
  3. cheer up :tender: Im sure u wil feel better when your new bag comes!! :yes::yes: I think u did the right thing especially since u are not enjoying the bag much ;) Besides the black lambskin sounds VERY promising!!! :love::love:
  4. ***hugs***to you....i'm sure you'll love your new medium black lambskin flap once it arrives and feel much better:yes: . as you were not using your tote before, i think replacing it with another one that you'll use more would be a good choice. i know it's hard to let go of any bag, let alone a chanel bag... hope you'll feel better. ***hugs again***
  5. Know exactly how you feel, let a pink beauty go this week and I am missing badly even though I hardly ever took her out.....there are more exciting bags out there for to the hunt!!!!!
  6. You will feel better soon, esp. when the new bag arrives!!

    Just think of it this way - the bag is getting the attention it deserves by going to someone who will use it hopefully more than you did.

    In return you get a new bag to treasure!:smile:
  7. Once you start actually using the new bag, you will definitely feel better!
  8. I understand the attatchement (I have a hard time getting rid of bags too!) but for whatever it's worth, I think you made a better and more timeless purchase! Im sure you'll love it as much, if not more once you start using it.
  9. i so understand! but think of it this way: if you had the bag back, it would probably still just sit there...............i think you're feeling the sadness of letting go and thinking that maybe no other one will be as good...but it will! the moment you start using your flap, thoughts of the one that "got away" will dissipate...........i truly think that seller's remorse is common, the more high-end the items we love are........don't mean to sound like a bag snob (although i am :p ) but i think that if we sold a bag we got at Sears for $27.99, maybe the remorse wouldnt be there...........or even if (Coach and/or Dooney lovers, don't ostracize me for saying this...) we sold a Coach or Dooney! My bad!
  10. The only way to overcome sellers remorse is to buy a new bag pronto! :biggrin:
  11. Me too LOL.
    I tend to replace same colors/different styles...

    You don't know how many times I've planned to sell a bag, only to immediately change my mind once I actually look at the pictures that I took in order to sell the bag!!

    I had a MC Theda that I sold off and I was heartbroken despite the fact that I'd only used her about 4 times in the year I owned her! It was because I wanted her for SOOOO long, it was a dream bag of mine, I was ELATED to add her to my collection...but then she just didn't fit with my lifestyle and ended up spending the better part of her days in the dark. Sadly. So I let her go to someone that would hopefully love her AND USE HER.

    It's always sad to see a bag go. Especially because at one point, they were probably a favorite...but it makes no sense to keep a bag that you won't wear or a bag that makes you feel like it's not "it" and you're still "reaching" for something different.

    I think that you'll feel better once your new bag arrives.
    The funds from my Theda were put towards my first Chanel (white flap!!) and that bag gets used CONSTANTLY. :yes:
  12. You'll feel alot better when your new bag arrives. I always do.
  13. I just recently did the same mac.
    It's ok, it's only a transition...once you get the new bag you'll love it.
  14. -gives mac a big virtual pat on the back-
    don't worry, i think u did the right thing, if you weren't going to get much use out of it, selling it was a good idea. I agree with what the other ladies have said, once u start using your gorgeous new classic flap, i think you'll find yourself feeling less and less sellers remorse! :yes:
    and congrats on the classic flap! black & silver = a real beauty!
  15. Like what the other ladies have said will feel better when the new bag arrives, and make sure you start enjoying it too! Congrats...and << Hugsss>> to you!:flowers: