Help With Second Bag

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  1. As I posted yesterday, I have in my preliminary collection a med/large black caviar with silver hardware. I now need a larger everyday bag and I'm going nuts trying to find one. Here's the list that I have looked at and doesn't work for me:

    GST: too heavy
    PST: Doesn't zip close
    Jumbo Caviar: Too dressy a look for suburbia
    Vintage tote: does't complement my body
    Cambon and cloudy: will work, but I'm not in love with

    Any suggestions? :shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs:
  2. hmm, how about the luxury collection? this season they introduced patent, but I still prefer the previous leather collections. I especially like the bowler; also the modern chain tote is really cute and roomy, so it should be practical for everyday use; I recommend taking a look in the chanel reference library, there are so many great styles!
  3. I don't know if this is big enough but what about the Chanel cerf in their large size? I love mine!
  4. Baby Cabas?
  5. What about a rock and chain flap or hobo?
  6. It's funny, your list could be my list!

    But there is a small PST with zip closure.
    Sheanabelle has bought one recently and posted a pic in the reference library, take a look at that one.
  7. Hmm. Cert tote, PST, expandable, Timeless tote (medium or large), cut-out tote, any hobo or small cabas or how about the Pariz collection or some of the nylon pieces (I see those in Chevy Chase w/the mommy set- casual but stylish).
  8. I'm embarassed to tell you girls this but....
    cerf tote: on its way back to Saks, snaps didn't stay closed and looked to business like for me
    -small cabas- I'm on a waiting list
    -Pariz collection, hate nylon bags (especially for 2K) etc. However, I do have a cambon reporter on it's way to me from bluefly. Yes I know I said I didn't love the cambon line, but maybe I'll like the reporter. Plus it was such a good deal. I swear there should be a DSM category for Chanel addiction.