Help with scarves

  1. Does Hermes make a scarf that is great to go on a tropical vacation with? Like something with vibrant colors? and maybe an elephant or something on it? Any help would be great! Thank you!
  2. There are lots of vibrant colors and many animal prints. Just remember not to get it wet - (thinking tropical heat!).
  3. My favorite for this is Tohu Bohu!
  4. JV, you're getting very good advice here about not getting your Hermes scarf wet while on vacation in the tropics. One thing that you might consider: Hermes also makes/made colorful cotton scarves, although they are a bit smaller than the 90 cm carres. I think that they may have quit making them last year, but some boutiques may still have a few in stock. Whenever I take a tropical vacation (and because I am a passionate scuba diver, that is as often as possible), I now only take one or two cotton scarves because once I got caught outside in one of those sudden, albeit brief, downpours that occur in the Caribbean and my beautiful blue Grands Fonds scarf was completely ruined! By the way, my favorite cotton scarf to take with me on vacation is Au Claire de la Mer--it has lots of cute, colorful fish on it.
  5. Maggie I have one of those smaller scarves and love it!! Actually...I should wear it again lol!! Great idea!
  6. Shoes, with the long, hot and humid summers we have here in Houston, those cotton scarves can be a real blessing--although I'm not so sure that you have as much need for such concerns up there in your part of the country. At any rate, not only do you not have to worry about the cotton scarves getting wet (whether from rain or perspiration), they're much harder to damage than the silk ones. Comes in handy when you're as big a klutz as I am!
  7. I think it's the seller Timeless Pieces but I may be wrong - anyway they have a beautiful orange cashmere (very light) scarf with an elephant. It's really such a happy scarf.

    Also Hermes makes Pareos!
  8. Tohu Bohu (good suggestion GT!!!) definately fabulous for a tropical vacation!!!
  9. I got that one on Thursday in the Orange colourway!! :p I had gone in to get Jungle Love, but they were all sold out!! :sad:
  10. LOL! I got it Tuesday in the vibrant blue colorway at a local NM. I love. love, love Annie Faivre, a passion attributable directly to this forum.