Help with Scarves

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  1. Ok, I am trying to break DH into the Hermes thing slowly. So, I was thinking of starting with some scarves, but I need the help of all of you experts. I would probably end up using the scarves mostly to wear around my waist. I am a pretty casual dresser (I only work part-time and I can wear jeans and khakis to work). My usual attire is nice jeans and solid sweaters or shirts (a lot of Banana Republic). I would like patterns/colors that are bright and fun.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Really any of them would look good!!! I wear my scarf that has a black background (with colorful pattern) around my waist the most because I wear a lot of black shoes and like my "belt"/shoes to match. :flowers:
  3. Oooh fun. Bright and fun scarves currently available on include Les Petits Metiers and Alphabet Russe. Jungle Love is also available in some great colors now on the site.
  4. Are you near a store? The best thing is to go in and have the SA show you all the scarves - it's SO much fun, and there will be one (at LEAST) that you would simply DIE for! Good Luck!

    By the way, I find it difficult to choose adesign until I see it tied (when they're folded, the ugliest design can look amazing) and I like to see the colours against my face. I know you said you weren't intending to wear it close to your face, but Hermes is until Death do You PArt, and you may tie it arond you neck, one day!!

    Best of Luck!
  5. excuse the above typos......can't be bothered to edit....
  6. ^^So true about seeing it tied or knotted. Definitely click on the "see it knotted" link when viewing the scarves. A pattern may look divine on a grand scale, but when knotted up look totally different--could be better or it could be worse!
  7. thanks for the quick replies. you girls are awesome.

    I found these two scarves on the website, what are their names?

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  8. The first one is Belle Du Mexique, the second one....danse something......Shopmom will know...
  9. I am only about 35 minutes outside of NYC. I am just afraid to visit the Madison Ave store for just a scarf. Won't it be annoying to the SAs since that store is usually so busy?
  10. No, they are really nice there. Last time I went all I bought was a scarf and I received excellent service.
  11. NOOOO!

    Scarves are one of their best sellers - and tere will be SA's designated to especially sell the scarves who are more then willing to help you. EVERYTHING is special at Hermes, not just the bags. G and have a look and a play! My SA pulls out hundreds of scarves when I visit - she loves to tell me the story of each design, and we discuss different colours, ways to tie etc. That's what they're there for!