help with scarves

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  1. i love the look of scarves on bags but somehow i could not figure out how to tie a neat / nice bow or ribbon on my bag. i have tried several times and just couldn't get it right. Anyone here care to help?:sad:
  2. I use a ponytail scarf.. it's shorter and thinner.. Other than that try an oblong. I haven't had much luck with the square ones..
  3. ponytail scarves are the easiest, by far.
  4. The ponytail scarves make it easy to tie a bow. You can still use a square scarf too. With a square scarf it helps if you fold it half diagonally and then continue to fold or roll it over until it is about two inches wide, the size of a ponytail scarf. Then you can tie a bow as you normally would. Hope that helps…and makes sense.

    Good luck!
  5. this is gonna sound stupid...but stop into an hermes store! they can show you how to tie ALL kinds of scarves!
  6. I still can't figure it out either. :sad:
  7. Now that there is a post for help with scarves, I have a question. I have really really curly hair and I was curious of those of you with curly hair. Do you ever use a pony tail scarf in your hair and how do you use it?
    I fell in love with a scarf that matches one of my purses perfectly at the boutique but if I bought it, I would want to use it in my hair also. My hair is so curly though that when I use a head band, it just poofs out at near the tips of my hair and it makes me look like a big triangle head.
    I'll tack on a picture if anyone wants to see my curly hair.
  8. I tie my hair in a high ponytail.. pulled tight.. then I tie the ponytail scarf onto my ponytail... I have tried using as a headband but it doesn't work for me
  9. i can't pull off the headband look hair is too thick..
  10. I haven't worn my hair up high like that since high school. The problem is my hair is so heavy, it eventually falls down to my neck so I just end up wearing a low pony tail. I don't know how a scarf would look on a low one. I probably should put my hair high up again, it would probably make me look younger, lol.

    I just really hate how I look like a clown with a head band. (just missing the red nose)

  11. High ponytails are great for looking young!!! I swear I get carded in bars when i have my hair up high :yahoo:
  12. thanks everyone. I will try it again later.;)

    And why didn't i think of that? Thanks a million!:yahoo:
  13. Lol, I still get carded cause my curly hair makes me look young as it is. Not that I am complaining about being carded, but you know how it is about hair, you always want the opposite of what you have.

    And sorry rin95 for hijacking your thread.
  14. I have been really getting into scarves on my bags lately and what I love to do is tie a kind-of "half-bow". I think I have read someone else mention it, too. You start out like you're going to tie a regular bow, but just only pull one loop through and leave the other side to dangle. Does that make sense? It looks great with the ponytail scarf and also the square rolled up and then tied. I like it because it looks a little more casual than a full out bow. Just thought I'd add my two cents!:cutesy:
  15. Here are some fun ways to tie scarves courtesy of Hermes.

    They have some really cute ideas on how to tie scarves.

    I really like the one where you twirl the scarf and spiral it around your neck.

    There are two separate booklets so be sure to look at them both!

    Hope this helps everyone with their scarves!

    Socaltrojan :yes: