Help with scars

  1. Well Dumb Dumb burned my left hand with some hot facial wax I was heating in the microwave. (there was an air bubble and it exploded :crybaby:)

    I have second degree burns at the moment. I know it's going to leave a big nasty scar on my hand. And I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend any good scar creams or if anyone has tried other things that has helped them out?
  2. My sister had a scar on her stomach from surgery and she used cocoa butter for a year to lighten/soften it. Not sure if it will help with the burn though.

    Hope you will feel better soon!
  3. Thank you!
  4. Creme de la Mere

    I was reading the very funny and informative book on beauty by the former beauty editor at Elle who is now at Lucky. Unfortunately I can't remember her name or the name of the book. But it was delightful and her advise was consistently wonderful. She recommended Creme de la Mere for burns and scars. Claimed it was worth the price.
  5. My mum got really bad steam burn from her wrist up to her elbow last year she used aloe vera gel everyday until it wasn't 'tender'. Then use bio oil once it's 'healed to lighten up the brown marks.

    hope that helps :biggrin:
  6. I know a thing or two about burns! I average one major burn at least once a year. :shame:

    I use a mixture of things, the first being Mederma which is great, it fades scars well, as does something called Scar Therapy (which is also helpful for those pimple scars than need coaxing to go away-ps: the Mederma will darken your skin if you don't use sunscreen), and whichever scar gel I choose to use that day, I mix it with stretch mark cream and rub it in.
  7. Mederma works great!
  8. La Mer creme + La Mer concentrate = works great! I have a scar down my leg that is slowly fading.

    I have recently used another cream prescribed by my derm to help make it faster.

    I can't stand those gel patches, I always loose them, LOL!
  9. I use vitamin E oil on healed wounds to help lighten/prevent scars
  10. yea la mer has been said to heal scars but i'm sure there is a cheaper option? since this is your hand so it doesn't need as good of a product as your face.
  11. any oil/ointment that keeps the skin moist while the scar tissue is forming will help to keep it from scaring. I recently fell down a FULL flight of carpeted stairs (like 20 or so) and wound up with about 12 rug burns on my legs. i made sure to keep Vaseline on them while they were raw, then once the scar tissue started to form (you can see the skin is a different color and cracked a little) ive kept it moist with vitamin e. i dont care what that article says, i sware by it. its only been 3 weeks since my terrible fall and my legs are looking much better
  12. Thanks everyone for your help! :flowers:

    I'm going to maybe use Mederma or a scar gel because the La Mer creme is way too expensive! Maybe if it was for my face, I'd invest. I've heard good things and bad things about vitamin E though. I'll let everyone know how it went in a month or so! :smile:
  13. I used a Ritinae (the acne meds from a dermatologist) and it made my scar almost completely disappear. You have to wait till the skin has no open wounds and then you use is a lil on the scar 2-3 times per day and the scar almost disappears in a month.
    *****warning the scar becomes very angry and worse looking first because the top layers of skin come off but then it heals great. My surgeon prescribed it after a surgery that left a nasty scar