Help with Scarf Names Please!!!!

  1. Anyone know the names of these current scarves???

  2. Toits de Paris
    Carpe Diem (aka Gloria Soli)
  3. les toits de paris & gloria soli
    are written on the respective scarves.
    do the scarves always have their names on them, does anyone know?
  4. Thanks!!!!!! (so hard to see what's written on my tiny monitor)
  5. Mostly they do but there are exceptions.
  6. That's interesting; the second scarf is the same pattern as the Carpe Diem scarf on the pillow hermeslady has, but the words are different-reissue? Actually in Latin there usually accompanies the word "Deo" to the Gloria Soli phrase (Soli Gloria Deo)--so what does Gloria Soli mean--For glory alone? Anyone familiar with Latin? :shrugs:
  7. Is it possible that Soli in this context is a conjugation of the Italian solare and therefore means glorious sun or glory to the sun?
  8. It's one and the same scarf by Joachim Metz.
    Carpe Diem was issued in 1994.
    Then "Carpe Diem" was copyrighted by somebody else and Hermes had to find a different name for that scarf. Hence it became "Gloria Soli" in 1997.
    IIRC "Gloria Soli" should mean Glory of the Sun
  9. Thanks for the helpful info!^^ That is incredible info!
  10. I suspect the name change was due to the movie Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams that used Carpe Diem ("sieze the day") as a slogan. It was a sad tale of teen angst and suicide.

  11. 99 % of the modern scarves have their name on them, but it is often lacking on vintage ones

  12. Hi Marie, Dead Poets Society was filmed in 1989 though. It must have been something else...