Help with Russian post tracking

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  1. Hi, I've sent (October 9th) a small package - registered mail - to Russia.
    This is the tracking - I've tried to use an online translator but it doesn't make much sense, esp. the last update. Is there anyone that can help me with Russian?


    Thank you.
  2. I don't read Russian, but I see red flags at the weight suddenly being 0 on 22 October after having been 1,170 all before that.
  3. It says: left the place of international exchange. Whatever that means. Above it it says: Released by customs. I personally ONLY use Express to ship to Russia.
  4. Same here!
  5. It was my first time ever sending an item to Russia. Next time I'm using a faster service for sure.

    Thank you for your help.
  6. I just wanted to say that I´ve shipped twice (or three times) to Russia, and to the same repeat buyer. I used the Swedish PO, registered, insured etc. It went well each time.

    Good luck!
  7. Dont worry abt that weight. If there would be any troubles resulting in weight reduction that would be only during customs. But you parcel's weight did not change when it was cleared by customs. Last line is stating that the parcel was processed by International sorting facility and it is already on the way to your customer. Check it again to see if any new lines were added. If your customer is in Moscow, then they would receive it very soon.
  8. ^Thank you ladies for you advices. Here's the updated tracking number, the last line... what does it mean? I used an online translator but I can't understand (since the time 00:00) if it's been delivered or is out for delivery? The buyer has only 3 FB and has not left any FB for his prior purchases so far and he has not emailed me.
    Thank you! As always, your help is very appreciated!
  9. I'd think this status rather means "out for delivery" then "delivered". On the other hand, the previous entry says "arrived at delivery destination(PO I assume) so the next one might be "delivered" as well... Let's see what another update will say.
  10. It literally means handed to addressee. HTH
  11. And I wouldnt worry about non communication. I am a seller and 70% of buyers dont leave feedback or communicate after purchase. I wouldnt contact the buyer. Item is delivered. Tracking shows delivered. You are covered
  12. Thank you for your help! :flowers: