Help with roady color

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am looking to purchase a roady and I can not decide between the black smooth leather or the new brown smooth leather (lighter than chocolate) that is being sold through saks.

    The bottom line is I want something I can wear everyday and will go with everything. I have been leaning toward the brown but now I am torn between that or the black. Which color do you think would be more versatile?

    Any help suggestions or comments to help me make a decision are greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
  2. I feel your pain...the Roady has been calling me forever!!

    This is my take on the black vs. brown thing: number one, you should go with the color that attracts you most. That said, keep in mind that black tends to look a bit dressier than brown does (at least IMO). So if you are more of a casual person, perhaps brown would work better for you. If you are someone who like their other accessories (i.e. shoes in particular) to go with their handbag, then that's another consideration. Finally, I would take into account the weather where you live - brown tends to be a bit more of an all-year around color than black does, but that doesn't mean that black bags don't look good in warm weather as well.

    Hope this helps and good luck!!! :smile:
  3. Loquita: Thanks so much for your reply! You make a great point about brown being more of a year round color. I am hoping that the shade of brown isn't too light. It is so hard to judge with out seeing it in person.

    (also I guess my link did not work because it takes me straight to the saks home page.... and I can't find anywhere else that is carrying the bag to post it) I wanted to see what you guys thought of that shade of brown in particular
  4. if brown and black....i'd rather pick the black.
  5. personally i'm a black bag sorta of gal all the way.... i don't own any brown in my wardrobe. i think you need to decide based on what you would grab more often if you were walking out the door. If your wardrobe is warm/neutral then brown would work great, but if you deviate towards black/greys like me, then go black.