Help with roadtrip from NYC to Maine - seaside stop wanted!

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  1. I am taking two English people from NYC to Portland, Maine and want to stop along the way overnight that is very scenic and "new england." Preferably on the coast. I know the big name places like Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard but don't know the difference between them or if there is another place that is just as scenic...we want quaint, charming, and pretty and to stay in a bed and breakfast type of hotel. Thank you so much!!!
  2. I stayed in Martha's Vineyard, at Admiral Benbow Inn, a B&B, it is pretty nice, and has great location close to the center, only 3 miles from the ferry

    However I regret not stopping at Nantucket, I always wanted to visit.
  3. I did a road trip four years ago from NYC along the shore to Cape cod, Marthas Vinyard and then up to Maine. There are a lot of great little places. Check out Newport in RI.
  4. I just looked at a map and I think Nantucket is too far away. But Martha's Vineyard looks great as well as Cape Cod....what the best places to stay on those places? Thanks for the Newport suggestion, I am looking into that as well!
  5. I don't know about best but on Marthas we stayed in Vinyard Haven at the Crocker House Inn. A small lovely BB with great breakfast :smile:

    I hadn't booked any accommodation for Cape Cod so when we arrived in Province town almost everything was fully booked. We ended up at a nice hotel on the main street where the rooms were in marine style and tiny tiny. Don't remember the name but it was expensive for what you got.
  6. Marthas Vineyard seems to be the best place for us for the one night. I think taking the ferry over makes it seem a little more "exotic" and away from it all! Vineyard Haven seems the most convenient since we won't have a car. Is it very scenic? Does it have many good restaurants or any kind of nightlife? Thanks so much!!
  7. How come you're not bringing the car too Marthas? To be honest, I wouldn't say it that scenic. I wanted to go along the beach but so many parts are private beach properties with big GO AWAY signs. I'm glad I did it but I wouldn't go back there. I would much rather have extra time in Cape Cod.

    We found some good restaurants but we had to drive there. I don't know about nightlife since we didn't participate in any and Martha's is still a "dry" Island.
  8. I didn't know it was a dry island! Can you just not buy alcohol or is it not served? Do you think Cape Cod is prettier than MV? I didn't realize the car could come on the ferry - if on MV will definitely take it!
  9. I'm not that sure about the alcohol policy since I don't drink much myself. I know you buy alcohol in some parts of the Island but I'm not sure exactly where. Vinyard Haven was very quit. If you want more life you should go too Oaks Bluff where almost all nightlife is.

    Yes, I liked Cape Cod better. Beautiful beaches, livelier atmosphere and better food.
  10. Thanks so much!
  11. Another place you may want to consider is Salem Mass. Not sure when you are planning your trip but the month of October has a lot of fun/spooky things going on in the town.