Help with swing on sale

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  1. Hey All!

    Its been a long time but I used to be a very devoted RM fan. I'm really intrigued by the swing that's on sale on the RM website in Plum. From the website it looks like a reddish purple, but when I look in the reference library all the plum bags are very purple. Do you know if they are from the same season? As it is final sale only I don't want to end up with a full blown purple bag.

    Thanks so much!!

    link to bag:
  2. i have learned that when i look for an RM bag, i don't look at the color name because RM recycles the color names with different shades and leathers even in the same season. so, the only advice i can give is to focus on the color of this bag and see if you like the shade and the texture of the material. the color names now seem to be useful only in discussions when we're referring to particular bags. for shopping i don't really pay attention to the color names. i can't say for others but that's what i do.

    as for the color Plum, yes, the Plum color of the last season (with blue/ black polka dot lining) is different from the one of an earlier season. the leather texture is also different. by the way, i've just checked and saw a mini Dylan tote in Plum (, which is closer to dark purple. so now you can see what i mean by "recycling" the color names with different shades ;)
  3. I just received this bag in the mail, and it is very true to the colour it is showing on the website. The colour on the tag, however, is listed as WINE, not plum. HTH, if you want pics let me know.