Help with restoring Canvas protective coating on LV Saleya PM

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased a preloved Louis Vuitton Saleya. I received the item which was wrapped up in saran wrap - I know! and when I took everything off I noticed that the canvas looked was dull and did not have the usual luster from the protective coating. I went through looking at all the hardware, date code, etc and it looks good, however, the canvas is dull and does not feel stiff either. I would compare the feeling to a Totally tote with less shape. I get that it's a from 2007 and it will have wear but shouldn't the canvas still look and feel like all other LV pieces. I started comparing all my LV purses, SLGs to it and I'm wondering if something was used to clean it and it damaged the coating.

    I am wondering if anyone either has a Saleya can comment or if anyone knows if the canvas will crack or tear later? She never mentioned this so I am having concerns.
  2. Are you planning to keep this or returning it to the seller? i don't want to advice you to tamper with the bag if you're planning to return it. If you're keeping weird as it might sound, try Meguiar's vinyl protectant wipes. The canvas was probably stores incorrectly in hot climate and it became dull.
  3. If you're planning on returning the bag then don't touch it but if you're going to keep it then you can clean it gently with some alcohol and scent-free baby wipes. If the canvas is still dull then you can add some leather conditioner (I use Cadillac) sparingly to a soft clean flannel cloth and gently massage it on before wiping off the excess.
  4. Will the wipes damage the canvas? I would like to keep this but the dullness makes the purse look off.
  5. Will the wipes damage the canvas? I would like to keep this but the dullness makes the purse look off. I tried using a leather conditioner on it and it didn't do much.
  6. No, neither the canvas or the leather won't be damaged at all. A lot of brands offer products for sensitive skin and will explicitly state that they're free of scent, aloe, alcohol, etc. and those are the ones you want.
  7. did you look over the bag for cracks? if there's none, the wipe will not damage the canvas. it actually clean and condition it. That's what car lovers use to clean their dash boards and leather and synthetic seats.
  8. I bought my saleya in 2010 and it is in perfect condition. I use it mainly for work and it has kept it shape and looks greats. Maybe show a pic!
  9. Hi everyone thank you for responding and your suggestions! I noticed that some of the canvas rubbed off showing black in the middle of the bag and worry it will get bigger over time so I am not keeping the purse.
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